Sunday, November 18, 2007

Curly hair? I'd rather die!

According to Jezebel, since Allure magazine ran an article about a Brazilian hair straightening technique that uses ridiculous amounts of formaldehyde, there has been an INCREASE in women seeking the service. WTF?

In a post on, a rep from a New York salon profiled in the article says:

"It gave us a huge plug," said Harley DiNardo, owner of Shampoo Avenue B in
New York, who said he has hired two extra staffers to help out at the salon to
meet sudden demand for the treatment. Many of his new customers have reported
finding the salon in Allure, he said. "We didn't know if the article was going
to help us or hurt us," he said. "I felt like [writer Mary A. Fischer] was going
to do a positive thing but she basically tried to scare everyone. There are way
worse smells and chemicals that you can put in your hair. It doesn't damage your
hair. There shouldn't be any concern if the stylist knows what they're doing.
We're very, very busy. The phone still rings off the hook."

Allure editor in chief Linda Wells said, "It's so illogical that people would willfully pursue something that they know if dangerous...we're talking about formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen."

Do a search for Brazilian hair straightening and check out some of the breathless endorsements around the Web. Perhaps my favorite:

Who wants straight hair?..probably every girl in America. There's a new
technique called a Brazilian hair straightening and it turned kinky curly
into beautiful hair in less than 2 hours and lasts for up to
4 months. (Emphasis mine)

Don't tsk, tsk too much, if you use one of the sodium hydroxide-laden hair straighteners commonly marketed to black women. Y'know sodium hydroxide...lye...that stuff used in Drano and to aid the decomposition process of roadkill in landfills...I'm not sure this stuff is so much better than formaldehyde.

Bad, ugly kinky hair....oh cursed affliction. It seems women would rather die than rebel against the European beauty standard.


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