Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hate: It's not just for Southerners anymore (And never was)

May I share a pet peeve with you? I can't stand the arrogance of some residents of urban centers and the coasts, who believe that prejudice is the domain of silly rubes in the South and flyover states. Check out the op-chart in today's New York Times that maps the rash of noose hanging incidents in the eastern United States. Sadly, hate can be found everywhere--from Newark to Jena. As a black woman who has lived everywhere from the big city to the burbs to the exurbs, I know this all too well. If we are to tackle racism in America, the first step is knowing that we are all susceptible to prejudiced beliefs, whether we live in New England or on the Delta.

Interesting side note for those of you who read my post What's Race Between Friends? here and on Racialicious: Mona, the friend whose insensitive racial remarks ended our relationship, was concerned about me moving from Chicago to Indiana around "all those right wing racists."

When discussing race, we would all do well to look in the mirror.

(Thanks to Racialicious for tipping me to this story.)


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