Monday, December 24, 2007

Family is beautiful

...especially the bond between mothers and daughters.

We learn how to be women from our mothers and they learn from theirs and so on and so on.

I think Mommy learned from Grandmama (Accent on the last "ma." If she were here, she would want me to make that distinction) how to be nurturing and loving, how to be an unbeatable cook, and how to make every member of the family feel special, especially around the holidays. I learned from Mommy how to be smart, independent, a reader and a good writer. (The cooking and nurturing bit, I'm still working on.) But a lot of the things I love today and the things I love about myself, I got from my mother.

Today, being Christmas Eve, is probably a good day to say thank you to your mom, wherever she is. She may be slaving in the kitchen, cooking up collards and cornbread dressing for tomorrow's dinner. She could be out battling the crowds doing last minute shopping for the kids and grandkids. Chances are that she is somewhere being selfless. That's just how mothers are. Even if your mother is only here in memory, it's likely that her presence looms large.

Thank you, Mommy, for all that you are and all that you do. You helped make me the woman I am today.

While you're at it, think about all the women who came before. They're in you, too. You may not recognize it, but we each pass a little of ourselves on to future generations. So, thank you, Grandmama. Thanks Grandmother Winfrey, Great-grandmother Josie, Maggie and Mattie, Lucinda and Ella, Georgia and Violet, and all the rest.

And to my stepdaughter and my nieces: I hope that I can be as good an example as my mother is and her mother was.

Photo credit: The pic on the left is my mom, me and my little sister. The pic on the right in my grandfather, grandmother and mother.

Read more about my search to connect with my female ancestors here.


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