Saturday, January 5, 2008

Are ya'll ready to riot?

...cause that's what Jonah Goldberg of the right-wing National Review thinks black folks are going to do if Barack Obama doesn't become president. Oh, he didn't say it outright. He just floated this theory:
...I think it's worth imagining a certain scenario. Imagine the Democrats
do rally around Obama. Imagine the media invests as heavily in him as I think we
all know they will if he's the nominee — and then imagine he loses. I
seriously think certain segments of American political life will become
completely unhinged. I can imagine the fear of this social unraveling
actually aiding Obama enormously in 2008. Forget Hillary's inevitability. Obama
has a rendezvous with destiny, or so we will be told. And if he's denied it,
teeth shall be gnashed, clothes rent and prices paid. (Emphasis mine.)

Hmmm...certain segments of America. Wonder who those segments might be. This is how the rabid right does it: Use coded language to get certain other segments of America believing that blacks are DEMANDING Obama become president or else, sit back and watch the backlash. Never mind that Hillary Clinton seems to be having an easier time of it with black voters than Obama. That irrelevant fact just messes up the narrative: Black people are violent, unhinged and we want what we don't deserve. Oh, and if Obama gets the Dem nomination and does win the presidency, it won't be because of his policies; it will be because good Americans are afraid of what crazed, animal hoardes of black people might do. I am offended and disgusted, but not surprised.

Glenn Greenwald at Salon is monitoring the rabid right reaction to Obama's win in Iowa here. I'm afraid the 2008 presidential campaign is about to get ugly. If you thought the "swift boating" of decorated veteran John Kerry was repugnant, hold on to your hat, you ain't seen nothing yet.


Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Tami,

I hope you're having a good Saturday.

This kind of stuff is to be expected. Part of it is simple politics 101. Find a strategy to defeat the opponent and then go with it.

My surprise is that the right is not savvy enough to help Obama along to the nomination before starting the racist rhetoric.

It seems to me that the right wingers would want to oppose Obama in the general election. That way they could really play the race card. If they do it now they will derail that strategy.

Also if you think that the chatter is bad now, wait until Rush and Hannity and those of their ilk really get going.

SheCodes said...

Yeah it's definitely going to be one of the uglier presidential elections. When I watch the Republicans go after each other, I feel like I'm watching WWF wrestling match. It's actually kind of entertaining.

But if New Hampshire is close, I think the Clinton camp is going to go very, very negative. They can't go racial, or they will alienate black voters, but trust, they will find a way to get really negative. I subscribe to all of the campaign's email list, and Obama and Edward's teams say some pretty nasty things about their opponents to their own supporters too. Yep, it's gonna be ugly.

bradski said...

I'm 50/50 whether Goldberg referred to African-americans or progressives in general. Remember, one of the memes of the Evil Right has been about the unhinged, hateful Looney Left.

If you read more of Goldberg's or Michelle Malkin's or Ann Coulter's works, they all push the idea that liberals/progressives/the Left are maniacs.

Also, I expect that there were be more push on the "Is Barack black enough" crap to be pushed by the Right and some desperate Democratic competitors.

If you watch the exchanges between Obama and Edwards, you'll notice that neither one seriously attacks the other. They're cautious with each other because, I assume, if either is the nominee, he may want the other as the vice-president.

bradski said...

If you look around most of the progressive blogs, Clinton is the least favorite. By siding with Lieberman and making buddies with Republicans, she has alienated a lot of the Left.

Tami said...

Bradski, I thought of the fact that Goldberg might just mean liberals not blacks, per se. I'm not convinced. I'll give it 70/30. Whichever he meant, I am sure he ws fearmongering.


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