Saturday, January 19, 2008

Biting MDC's style...

I love how my blog sister incorporates music into her site on Mes Deaux Cents. I am a particular fan of Music Saturday's. So, I was inspired to post something that has been getting heavy play on my iPod.

If you haven't heard of Ray LaMontagne, you should check him out. His first album, Trouble, is my favorite. Great soulful voice... interesting back he is:


Mes Deux Cents said...


Lol, this is so weird! As I clicked on your link I was thinking about Ray LaMontagne! (It's Saturday so I have music blasting right now which is why music is on my mind)

The reason I was thinking about him is because you mentioned previously that you like him. And I was thinking the first time I heard him I thought he was a woman. It was the song that you have posted. He sounds a little different on this live performance than on the studio version.

Anyway imagine my surprise when I saw this post!

Off-topic; on a previous comment I asked you if you were going to post about gardening. I see you have it listed as one of your interests.

I don't have a yard that I can garden in but I want to start a small indoor garden.

Anyway I hope you will post about it as spring is drawing close.

Tami said...

Hey! Aren't you supposed to be at the flea market?

That is funny. I had to listen to the original recording of Trouble to see if I got "woman" vibe from his voice.

Yeah, I'll make a point to post some stuff about gardening. To be honest, my husband is the one with the real green thumb. I just do small projects. Like there is this area next to the front door. It is shaded by a really pretty Japanese maple and last year I planted lots of Hostas and other leafy plants there. I think it is going to look really neat come spring.

I want to start an indoor herb garden and plant some lavender under the kitchen window so that when it's open, I can smell the flowers.

We also got a composter over the holidays. So that will be fun this summer; making my own compost. Y'know, hard to believe three years ago I was living in a high-rise condo in Chicago. Now I'm composting and stuff. Weird.

Mes Deux Cents said...


Yep, I'm sitting her waiting for my friend to pick me up. She's supposed to be here at 9 am.

Anyway, great I look forward to hearing about gardening. Maybe you and your hubby can post together on the subject.

Lisa said...

I have never heard of Ray LaMontagne, but I like this song, and I do like his voice. You and MDC have cool (and unusual) tastes in music. (smile)


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