Friday, January 25, 2008

Check me out at What About Our Daughters

Read my latest post "What would Jesus do...about BET?" at What About Our Daughters.


mrshadow33 said...

Hello again Tami. Read your post and loved it. I left a comment and as I promised, visiting you here. Good job as always. Talk to you later.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Tami,

Great post, but this does not surprise me. I am very sure that BET in some back door way has made nice sized donations to those organizations.

But you are definatly right about Women being the backbone of the church. It's a shame they don't use their power. They could shut down every Black church in America.

Anonymous said...

What did Jesus do about Mary Magdalene?

Yaw tryna nail Bob Johnson up. And, HELLO, Deborah Lee is a WOMAN.

Tami said...

I don't think I mentioned Bob Johnson at all in my post. (I'll check.)In fact, I think the Clinton post was the first time I mentioned Bob Johnson on my blog EVER. My anger isn't about Bob Johnson. Debra Lee is equally to blame for the content on BET, more so because she is at the helm now. There are many men AND women who don't have the black community's best interests at heart.

Anonymous said...


True, true. Then too, You are not THE Black community.

There's no one opinion voiced among rank and file of the human family, inclusive, evidently, of the extended nuclear family of any race (that "r" word again.)

After all, who was it who famously said, upon being asked what kind of roles she'd favor following her success in The Color Purple, "I want to play a ho in a red dress!(?)"


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