Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why do black folks love the Clintons so much?

Let me say, I like Bill Clinton. I like him in the way that one likes a president that presided over eight years of prosperity. I voted for Bill Clinton. And I was sorry to see the right wing make so much hay over the Lewinsky affair. The man appears to be a shitty husband, but still he was a good president. Yeah, I like Bill Clinton, but some of my sisteren and bretheren appear to love Bill Clinton. I mean, if I may be colloquial, "love his dirty drawers" kind of love. And that love seems to translate into a fierce loyalty for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election.

Just a few days ago, Sideshow Bob Johnson said:

Bill and Hillary have long been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues? (Whatever those are. We are not a monolith, Bob.)

Now, I was a cute young thing in the 90s, fresh out of college. Maybe I was sleeping it off after a night at the club the day the Clintons rode through the black community throwing money from their sleigh. (But you would think they would have talked about it on CNN.)

I just don't get it. Is it the saxophone? Does a Clinton sighting evoke fond memories of The Arsenio Hall Show? Is it the hope that Hillary will fix the welfare mess that Bill created? Is it Bill's Southern drawl that makes folks think of "down home?"

Did this bit of delightful pandering capture our hearts?

Do the Clintons have compromising pictures of somebody's mama? WHAT IS IT?

A lot of people fought hard so that black people could vote. Some died. I just know that thousands of us wouldn't give away our right to select the best candidate, just for some warm and fuzzy feelings of Clinton nostalgia. Would we?

What are the ISSUES that make Hillary Clinton the best candidate for the job? So far, I've heard that I need to vote for her because she is a woman, or because Bill Clinton is "black" (And if I hear that one more time...). Come on Clinton supporters, my candidate is in third place and if he drops out you want my vote. Convince me that Hillary is the one for me.


SheCodes said...

Well I DON'T want to convince you to vote for Clinton, but I can tell you that the Clinton love affair started when Bill put black folk in high positions in his cabinet. It shocked the nation and Black people's eyes turned into two pulsing red hearts.

Hillary Clinton is in my doghouse, because I am NOT feeling her relationship with Bob Johnson. I'm not moved by any of the racist parsing of speeches -- but Bob Johnson is TOO MUCH FOR ME TO SWALLOW.

But if you must have something to hold on to, she is proposing legislation for Equal Pay for women, and also a lot of stuff surrounding violence against women.

I won't be mad if people vote for her, but I don't think I can do it. However, it's a long way from November so I guess I can't set everything in stone either.

Mes Deux Cents said...


Maya Angelou started the Bill Clinton is Black stuff.

Personally I think it's embarrassing when I see Black people fawning all over Bubba. I mean he was good for the economy, but what democrat isn't. Okay so Jimmy Carter wasn't but it was not his fault.

And Bill Clinton seemed not to mind sitting around yakking while there was a genocide going on in Rwanda. I think Black people ought to consider that.

Anyway I'm tired of the Clintons and the Bushes; I wish they all would just ride off into the sunset.

bradski said...

Whenever I see Bill Clinton, I think of his Sistah Souljah comments where he used anti-black racism to win white votes. So, I don't understand why people are shocked at Hillary's campaign operatives pulling racist games.

All of this was to be expected!

As for Bob Johnson, the man who brought us BET, he should be shunned as the scumbag, user he is.
BET is trash and always been trash. Johnson should be congratulated for his business savvy but should be admonished for his poor ethics and willingness to use racist stereotypes against Barack Obama.

Last year, Johnson supported Bush's tax cuts and the repeal of the Estate Tax because doing so might discourage some African-Americans from becoming high finance entrepreneurs! As statistics show, 99% of all African-Americans won't be affected by the Estate Tax.

Anonymous said...

To Tami's BLACK subscribers:

Let's be done with this quasi-intellectual clit flicking/meat beating over the Clintons and BET.

Many of US think white, talk white, walk white because WE are ashamed to embrace the fullness of OUR blackness, including any such images of US broadcast by US that don't conform to white norms.

Two and a Half men, Everybody Loves Raymond, Everybody Hates Chris, How I Met Your Mother, The King of Queens, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Frasier, Cheers, According to Jim, and Jimmy Kimmel Live are as much trash as Girlfriends, Comicview, Hell Date, or Jamie Foxx. It makes no difference that the former shows are sprinkled among several of the white folk's networks rather than concentrated on the only one they've ever had.

And as for those BET booty shaking videos, think surviving (though perverted) Africanisms. If the white man his woman hadn't blasted OUR mother cultures, plural because though WE are all African, WE, as Tami has said, are not a monolith, the images many of US hate to see would be experienced and appreciated in their proper contexts. WE are the dancing people. Fertility dance, Matrimonial dance, Funeral dance, War dance. The drum, movement, call and response voicing have ever been OUR cultural hallmarks. There was a time when the female booty grinding would have been seen as a rite of initiation, no less lascivious of presentation, but within a female circle, away from the eyes of any man -with no "free love" connotations.

This one is for Dr. Phil (bradski.): Though not much remarked, as WE say, "quiet as it's kept," The abdication of the the white male establishment in general, the Ku Klux Klan in particular, of its commitment to the "purity," puh-leeze, of white womanhood, represents THE cultural sea-change of the past century.

Few if any have noted that, less than a decade after the brutalization of Emmett Till, a BLACK man in America could have damn near any white woman he chose. The casual BLACK player can have a pair and a spare. The down and dirty BLACK pimp, a whole white stable. Yet, the BLACK man, for the most part, still can't get a job, equal access to credit, or quality healthcare (and won't get a Presidential Nonminee either) but pale punanny? The white man is not trying to hoard it. And the white woman, not to be devalued,is throwing it on a BLACK man, skinny legs and all. THE taboo broken yet, to most of THEM, and US, a societal non-event.

The white man has spent himself on all the world's women as he has wanted. Some he's favored as "exotics", embodying his idea of romance. Others, BLACK women, he's shunned but used as things upon which to expiate guilt and discharge lust. To be a man. Now, if the BLACK man is to be man, must he not, likewise, master woman? I'm sure that, to a WOMANIST, it all adds up to male domination but, as Diddy says, "...sumn a stallion, sumn Italian, or maybe Puerto Rican if y'catch me in Paris..." Who knows what race Nicole Scherzinger is but you get it, don't you? BET merely puts flesh with word in service of the urge to be free as defined by the white man.

Master, (another white man) the tempest is raging...

SheCodes said...


How DARE YOU compare the spiritual tribal dance with Tip Drill, and the sexual exploitative lyrics of David Banner, Soulja Boy and other KNEEGROW MINSTRELS??

You CLEARLY ARE MALE and also the most stupid, asinine jackass to cross this blog to date.

Ben Johnson had these strippers in heavy rotation LONG before 'the evil white man' took over and sealed the deal.

So save your counter-intellectual, step'n'fetchit, minstrel apologetic, backward thinking, toe-up-from-the-flo'-up DRIVEL for women who don't know any better.

Because the women here AIN'T HAVING IT.... FOOL!

Anonymous said...


You obviously read my post from a skinny perspective. I dare what I dare -your getting your panties in a bunch changes nothing.

Get a history book and learn what minstrelsy, as practiced by BLACK actors and musicians versus corked-up American whites or medieval troubadours, was.

If you read into my rhyme, Cigar Song, you'd know that I'm no apologist for hip-hop mysogyny. Bust David Banner's balls, not mine.

Intellect is not synonymous with man-hating rants; but is tolerant, indeed respectful and welcoming of points of view, other than one's own, in a dialogue.

If you look it up, you'll find that Lincoln Perry,the actor, was highly literate and, while playing a character regarded as "the laziest man in the world," Step, had a concurrent career as a writer for The Chicago Defender, "The Mouthpiece of 14 Million People." A newspaper whose writers included, besides Mr. Perry, the NAACP's Walter White and the, arguably, intellectual Langston Hughes.

Then too, what do you know about the "spiritual tribal dance?" I am not comparing and, if I were, BLACK WOMEN such as Katherine Dunham and Zora Neale Hurston would not, I think, have found such notion either far-fetched or invidious.

You're in over your head Sapphire.

Tami said...


Someone seeking intellectual debate doesn't toss out inflammatory racial insults like "Sapphire." Why don't you enlighten us? What perspective are we missing?

Your earlier post seems clearly to compare hip hop grinding with African tribal dance. It also seems to put the blame for black male misogyny on white men. Since you allude that I am wrong, explain to me how BET will help me embrace the "fullness of my blackness."

SheCodes said...

I stand by EVERY word I said. You are a FOOL, and clearly in need of mental help.

Anonymous said...

Sapphire is the name given to a fictional TV character who was often portrayed as behaving badly, not a racial insult. There are white harridans as well.

I could have said Sappho. Huh, Shecode?

Misogynistic BLACK MEN are responsible for whatever content their own characters articulate. The white man is responsible for televion: its formats and, especially, its commercial viability. My contention about the white shows on the white networks is that they are as empty of redeeming value as anything on BET. Not that many BLACK folk watch The King of Queens AND the white network execs really don't care whether their white audiences are nourished in any sense by program content including musical fare on MTV, which isn't wall-to-wall booty videos. but ain't the Boston Pops either.

The white man tries to attract -in fact, panders to- demographics that allow them to sell commercial blocks of time to the highest bidder. To make that same billion bucks that Bob Johnson made by cutting a deal with them. The only reason they BOUGHT BET is they knew they could make more billions than Bob. And Bob knew he couldn't afford to keep the network and finance its growth as an entity that would provide high-brow entertainment for the BLACK masses. I mean, did YOU invest in his Corporation? Y'all don't like the way it's being run? Why your blog community don't buy the motherfucker back from the white folk? Run it YOUR way. You'll find there's no billion dollars in public television.

I'm plain spoken. I don't "allude" shit. BET cannot help you embrace your ass with two hands.

g-e-m2001 said...

Anon is not anonymous.

If you have been around the internet long enough people's writing styles and rhetoric become as recognizable as any name that they could some up with.

Anon, you have a lot to say, why not claim it.


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