Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Al Sharpton, NAACP choose violent rapists over victimized woman, child

A woman and her son are assaulted in a government-subsidized hell in West Palm Beach, Fla., where poor folks are left to rot. Ten teenage boys rape the woman and beat her 12-year-old boy for three hours. They force their victims to lie naked in a tub together, make the woman perform oral sex on her child. Afterwards, they burn the mother's skin and blind the son with cleaning solution. In an act of monstrous arrogance, one perpetrator takes a cell phone picture of his handiwork; another leaves behind a used condom.

No one in community hears anything or sees anything. The victims walk to the hospital, in the dark, on their own.

If you called yourself a community leader, if you ran a national civil rights organization, if you claimed to devote yourself to the downtrodden, if you were, say, Al Sharpton and the West Palm Beach chapter of the NAACP, who in this sordid story would you offer succor to? You have two guesses and the first one is wrong.

Several of my blogsisters have been covering the Dunbar Village rape case since before I wrote my first post. They each have written eloquently about this latest development. Please visit them:

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mrshadow33 said...

Tami I am so steamed over this! I have to work on my school work but I will be writing on this very soon.

Oh I wanted to mention that blksegoat wrote an excellent piece on this over at Black Sapience. Please check it out.

bradski said...

Do they have physical evidence or the woman's statement that these kids committed the crime? Do they have alibis?

What are the facts of the case besides the horrific attacks?

On the surface, I don't believe that this should be a Civil Rights matter if there is no proof of these kids being innocent and railroaded--which we do know happens. Were that the case, then I can understand the NAACP getting involved (unlike the Michael Vick case).

I keep thinking about this crime and the evil of it. This reminds me of the rapes and murder that occurred in Serb-Croat war and now in Congo. Somewhere, men and boys were taught that sexual violence against women was acceptable.

This is an old story, of course. A bunch of men or teens find a woman or girl and use her, or maybe the victim is man or boy.

I loved watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wonder Woman, and Xena Warrior Princess because the women were strong and could kick male butt. When Buffy ended, girls around the world were imbued with the super strength and invulnerability of the slayer.

I wish fantasy like that could be true. How different would the world be if women were the physical equal of men?

Sorry if this sounds comic book geeky. Between listening to the racist anti-black male rhetoric of the Clinton campaign and reading about misogyny in the African-American community, I wish there were super-heroines like Storm from the X-Men or noble super-heroes like the Black Panther who could swoop down and solve these problems.

Of course, there are no spandex clad angels to right the wrongs of life.

Really, I do wonder what is going to become of humanity. We keep making the same mistakes over and over. It's like watching Homer Simpson trying to grab the donut that's on the other side of a burning candle. Homer keeps reaching for the donut, burns his hand, and repeats over and over.

Seriously, why do so many men around the world have so little regard for women? Honor killings in Muslim countries. Female circumcision. Did you know that the leading cause of death of women in Guatemala is homicide?

It's not that I haven't met evil or sociopathic women capable of tremendous evil (Susan Smith). But, it's just that the institutional subjugation of women is immense. More disturbingly is watching other women contributing to this mess. Women who allow their sons to be molded into thugs. Women who obsess over which man sleeps with women of another race. Women who manipulate other women by publishing magazines that force women into unachievable body shapes.

I've wondered what a woman controlled world would look like. Maybe somethings would be better, but I think there would still be wars, prejudice, and other evils.

Maybe a little less bloody; maybe a little happier? Would that be the result of woman-led world? Would it be slave chains with velvet lined manacles to soften the pain?
Would it be poison instead of bullets?

Somehow, the human race needs reprogramming. Whether it's Christ the Redeemer or benevolent alien dictators, we need an intervention.

Forgive me if, I'm not one to be believe in the superiority of women. Both genders are flawed as I have observed.

Insomnia strikes again. :-(

MacDaddy said...

This Dunbar Village incident is a hallmark of haplessness for the NAACP...

I'm still trying to figure out how the NAACP, an organization with such a rich legacy of advocacy for African Americans, descended into such a poorly managed and completely irrelevant organization.

Tami said...

Mr. Shadow,

I'm going to check out blksegoat's piece. He is always good.


Yep. There is evidence:

According to the Sun-Sentinel: "Physical evidence links all the suspects charged in the crime to the scene. Jakaris Taylor, 16; Avion Lawson, 14; Nathan Walker, 17; and Tommy Poindexter, 18, have been charged as adults in a 14-count indictment. If convicted, each could be sentenced to life in prison. No trial date has been set." (http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sfl-1012dunbardetails,0,2858205.story)

They have also been telling on each other.

Sharpton's problem, according to his Web site, is that these suspects are not allowed out on bail, while the white suspects in a different rape case have been.

I just don't understand why anyone would want these monsters released back into that neighborhodd where they can terrorize more people. What message does that send to the victims of this crime? I don't know anything about the other rape case, but if it is anything like this one, surely those suspects ought to stay behind bars, too.

You are right, Bradski. We are all flawed and we are losing our humanity and that scares me.


Our so-called leaders have lost their way. WE are going to have to change things, because it is clear to me that they can't.

NOLA radfem said...

Sharpton's problem, according to his Web site, is that these suspects are not allowed out on bail, while the white suspects in a different rape case have been.

Well, okay, let's put the white guys back in jail too. Perhaps castration regardless of race too.

bradski said...

Although I understand about wanting to ensure that both black and white suspect are treated similarly this was a crime against humanity:

A mother was forced to sodomize her son. She was raped in front her child. The child was blinded.

Sharpton and the local NAACP are fools.

Brother OMi said...

i wouldn't say black power is dead, i would say that black elite are alive and kicking.

NAACP has been out of touch with black folks since Brown v Board of Ed.

Rev Al Sharpton is still wearing a conk for chrissakes!


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