Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hear the Come Together live discussion

Hear the official live discussion that concludes the Women's History Month blog carnival, hosted by What Tami Said and Women's Space. Heart and I were joined by Karla Mantilla, Adele Nieves and Shecodes for a great discussion of feminism and its intersection with race and other issues.


tasha212 said...


I just listened to the podcast and I really enjoyed it. I have always been one of those black women who was suspicious of the white feminist movement. I never thought black women and white women could come together on an equal level.I must confess that obviously I was wrong. I think what we must agree to do is acknowledge our differences and celebrate them and always keep the lines of communication open. I still have some reservations about the agenda of certain segments of the white feminist movement, but I do believe that we can come together.

womensspace said...

High fives, sister Tami! I've been flying high since our blogcast, I must admit. Thank you for your hard work, you are a very fine organizer (and there aren't all that many fine organizers around, not nearly enough!). Let's keep the fire burning til this time next year. :)

Heart, basking

Anonymous said...

The discussion was such a great experience and I loved being in the conversation with all of you!

Thank you so much for invitation. I plan on writing a follow-up blog (once I return from Texas this weekend)about the posts I wasn't able to mention on the call.

Karla, I'm ready for that interview whenever you are.

Keep inspiring!

In sisterhood,


Anonymous said...

Sidenote: I mentioned Catharine MacKinnon as the White Feminist who stood in solidarity with Andrea Smith, that was incorrect it was Sherrie Tucker:




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