Friday, March 7, 2008

"Sumpin' Turrible" indeed

Dear God!

The segment above appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Now, I enjoy edgy comedy, but this, this is not funny. This is a truckload of tired and hurtful stereotypes about black women trotted out for laughs by a black man. Apparently, Kenan Thompson and Ellen Page agree that black women are fat, sassy, ugly, ignorant, hypersexual, uncouth, have "funny" names, and apparently when given the opportunity to "mammy" impressionable young, white women, bad influences.

I could say more, but Wendi Muse at Racialicious has already said it better than I can. Click here.


mrshadow33 said...

You know Tami I have often despaired on the state of mind of many Black comedians in their attitudes on Black women. This is just another sorry example of this destructive trend. I'm still pissed off at Damon Wayons for his sexist and insulting comments towards the young women from the Rutgers Basketball. Don Imus at least apologized, something Wayans doesn't have the guts to do.

I hate to tell you but Keenan has done the stereotype woman act before. He performed in an awful and insulting skit impersonating then Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia a couple of years ago.

Participating in the degredation of the Black woman is nothing new.

Vida said...

This skit was disturbing, taking a page out of Shirley Q. Liquor's handbook. Ellen Page was quite unfunny and hard to watch. Minstrelsy is the new black! :-)

Tami said...


Girl, I am stealing that line--"Minstrelsy is the new black"--but I'll give you credit when I do.

So true...

KimcheeBrown said...

Damn...turns out I'm friends with both Damon Wayans and Kenan Thompson. I'll pass your sentiments along, maybe even encourage them to respond.


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