Saturday, March 22, 2008

Women's History Month blog carnival

Now posted at Women's Space: "Given to Tears" by Jennifer Wildflower
Black mascara-turned-war paint regularly adorned the faces of the women I grew up with in the church of my early years (not to be confused with the church of my teen years where women did not wear makeup, and cried a lot less too). At services, at potlucks, baby and wedding showers, Bible studies and prayer meetings, the tears would flow. So many women, so many tears, so much smeared mascara.

People who cried freely and publicly were fascinating to me...MORE

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bradski said...


Always great reading your site, my apologies for this off topic comment.

Did you see this article by Pat Buchanan in which he says that African-Americans should have "gratitude" for slavery?

Could you please share this others?

How is it okay for Buchanan and his ilk to spew racist bile like this?


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