Sunday, April 27, 2008

700 Barack the vote in Noblesville, Indiana

This Saturday, more than 700 people gathered on the square in Noblesville, the county seat of Hamilton County, Indiana, to get out the vote for Barack Obama. No, the man himself wasn't there, neither was Michelle. But I was struck by the people who were there. All those who think they know small town America ought to think again. The crowd Saturday was a mix of young and old, professional and blue-collar, black, white, Asian...and everybody was fired up about the promise of an Obama candidacy. Yep. Even in this red, red town, in a red, red county in a red, red state.

I can't tell you how inspiring it was to see so many folks out on a gorgeous, sunny day, coming together in the name of democracy. In the shadow of the local government building, we all enjoyed great music (awesome band...even played this song by Ray LaMontagne, who I love), good food and fellowship.

I came, I cast my early vote for Obama at the county building across from the rally, I bought a t-shirt and grabbed a script to make phone calls for the campaign.

By the way, the early voting office was PACKED. One gentleman I spoke with said they were all suprised by the number of people coming to vote early. A lot of parents brought their children with them to the polling place, which I thought was wonderful. I heard several moms and dads explaining the importance of this race and civic duty as we stood in line.

It was a good day.


Jennifer said...

Hi Tami,
I'm going out to vote early myself so thanks for the reminder on your post and thanks for campaigning on behalf of Obama.

faith said...

Thanks for this post. I looooove Ray!!! I wondered if I was the only Black [US] person who knew of him. Nice to know people are still fired up and actively participating. I see all the evil running free and start to lose hope for good to prevail. This is just the boost I needed to see today.

Tami said...


Yes, I am mos def on the Ray LaMontagne love train!


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