Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Damon Wayans thinks violence against pregnant women is funny

In the clip a young teenage girl calls her boyfriend to announce she is pregnant. After he belies her fear that he is angry, she expresses her happiness about the prospect of having a baby. Immediately after hanging up the phone with his girlfriend, the boyfriend sticks his head out the window and calls for help from Abortion Man, a "super hero," his chest emblazoned with a baby with a red line drawn through it. Abortion Man then goes to accost the teen girl as she is walking on a sidewalk. He calls her a "fein" and then ' punches and knees her in her stomach. She falls to the ground where he stomps on her stomach and a bloody baby flies out of her womb.

Funny, no?

Visit What About Our Daughters and check out Damon Wayans' new misogynistic masterpiece, brought to you by the fine folks at Toyota.


NOLA radfem said...

Good God.

When my mother was pregnant with my youngest sister, my dad wanted her to have an abortion. She refused, so he said, "I will help you have one then," and pushed her down the steps of our house and kicked her in the stomach while wearing combat boots.

This still gives me chills after all these years. I still think about it.

That same sister turned out to be my favorite person in the whole world.

Why on earth would someone take such a scenario lightly? Those of us who grew up around such abuse never, ever forget.

Tami said...

Nola, thank God your sister is okay today!

This video is sick! I am not easily offended, but it escapes me where the humor is in this.


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