Tuesday, April 15, 2008

STFU, Bob Johnson!

"What I believe Geraldine Ferraro meant (is) if you take a freshman senator from Illinois called 'Jerry Smith' and he says I'm going to run for president, would he start off with 90 percent of the black vote? And the answer is, probably not.

"Would he also start out with the excitement of starting out as something completely different? Probably not. He would just be a freshmen senator ..."Geraldine Ferraro said it right. The problem is Geraldine Ferraro is white. This campaign has such a hair trigger on anything racial. It is almost impossible for anybody to say anything."

--BET founder Bob Johnson
in an interview with the Charlotte Observer on April 15

Why would anyone listen to racial commentary from this man, who made his billions through promoting minstrelsy, and the objectification and denigration of women? BET remains a scourge on the black community and a hotbed of misogyny even years after Johnson's departure. (While we're asking questions, why does the so-called feminist candidate (La Hillary) call Bob Johnson friend?)
Why would anyone listen to political commentary from a moneyed fat cat who tried to subvert the democratic process by threatening Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? Johnson led Clinton supporters and big Dem funders in an effort to extort silence from party leadership.
Why the hell is Bob Johnson still talking?


Brother OMi said...

Bob should have been a comedian. this cat is funny.

AJ Plaid said...

Why? Because the MSM didn't get the memo that Bob Johnson doesn't speak for "The African American Community."

Co-sign your sentiment, Tami.

mrshadow33 said...

This fool just continues to do what my mother calls "showing his ass." He is so drunk on his own self importance and doesn't care that many Blacks have no regarsd for him. Karma is coming in the worst way for ol "moneybags on the backs of my own people" Johnson

JustATest said...

Thank you! Bob needs to STFU, for real. He has never been a voice for black people, only himself.

faith said...

Because they are on their way out and they are running scared. I'd be more concerned if they didn't say anything. Who takes that idiot seriously? He's just paying his debt to his masters.

bradski said...

Argh! Bob Johnson is the lowest of the lowest.

Did anyone see the censored episode of the "Boondocks" that rips apart BET?

And, what about his defense of repealing the estate tax? An action that would only benefit around 50 African-Americans out of 40 million.


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