Friday, April 18, 2008

Woman, know thy place!

What is it with these male conservative talking heads that being challenged by a woman drives them round the bend?

Last night, smirky frat boy Joe Scarborough through a tantrum and walked off David Gregory's MSNBC show "Race to the White House" when Air America host and Countdown contributor Rachel Maddow refused to let him interrupt her. More...

And this isn't the first time Maddow and Scarborough have clashed. Just note the oozing condescension from "Morning Joe" in this clip:

Oh, the entitlement! Now, remember, it wasn't too long ago that Pat "blacks should be grateful for slavery" Buchanan lost his shit and told Keli Goff to shut up on national television.

Keli, Keli, Keli...that's no way to be grateful.

Someone needs to send a memo to Scarborough, Buchanan, Chris Matthews and their ilk, that it is no longer 1802 and women have as much right to air their opinions as any male pompous blowhard.

P.S. Rachel Maddow rocks!


slag said...

Joe Scarborough says: "It's rude to interrupt me when I'm talking over you, Rachel."

Rachel was right; she deserved a chance to respond to Scarborough's blatant condescension at the end, and she didn't get it. If I were her, I'd be really annoyed at that dude who replaced Tucker Carlson by now.

Brother OMi said...

you know, Pat Buchanon has been spewing nonsense for the last 25 years. the fact that he still gets a voice (and a few columns here and there) is what bothers me.

I seen this young lady in action before but never like this. I dig her.

she is holding it down despite the efforts of these pundits.


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