Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Music: Adele (and missing Mes Deaux Cents)

I'm really missing my blog sister, Mes Deaux Cents, this morning. See yesterday I "discovered" a great new singer. (Readers in the UK are going, "Yeah, um, she's not new here.") Adele is a 20-year-old soul and jazz singer that has been dubbed "the new Amy Winehouse." After enjoying a couple of her songs, I downloaded her album yesterday and have been playing it obsessively ever since. It's wonderful: soulful, melodic, passionate. I'm hooked!

Anyway, MDC shares my eclectic taste in music, my knack for finding great stuff not getting major airplay in the U.S., and my sad addiction to iTunes. Her music posts always made me think she was secretly raiding the song files on my computer. So, while MDC is on hiatus, I bet somewhere she is listening to Adele. If not, MDC, you should be!

Anyhoo, here is Adele performing two of my favorite cuts from her new album "19":

Melt My Heart to Stone

Best for Last


ac said...

OOOOOHhhhh a new find! Thank you Tami!

NOLA radfem said...

Ooooh, I like this!


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