Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The best paragraph I've read on the Web today...

Ottermatic (who has a super-cool blog graphic and motto), was pondering the sexism thrown at Michelle Obama and, in the process, co-signed with another blogger who is ready to ride with the First Lady-to-be:

What I really want to say right now, though, is that I am with Cheryl Lynn when it comes to Michelle Obama: “‘Chelle could call me at two o’clock in the morning and ask me to roll on a bitch and I would calmly pull out my sneakers and Vaseline.”* I am a FAN of Michelle Obama. I am hoping that she becomes friends with Hillary Clinton, learns a few tricks, hits the senate (Come be my senator! I will campaign for you!) and runs for president in 2020.
I just love that! I have never had to grease up for a scuffle. But if the bullies come for Michelle on the playground at 3 o'clock, I am so there--shiny-faced and ready to throw down!


Erica said...

Awesome quote :D

Cripes, I'd vote for her WITHOUT any senatorial experience. It's not like it's done HRC any good.

MacDaddy said...

She's smart and fine and tough and she knows it...I used to work with gangs. A few of them still call and ask if they could do anything for me. Hey, I'd call em up and we'd go throw down for Michelle at 3 a.m. They stay up all night anyway.

AJ Plaid said...

::Daps to Tami::

My rings are off, I'm greased, and I'm ret' to roll with Michelle, too!

focusedpurpose said...


after visiting Professor Tracey's house, i can't tell you how down i really am!

great post sis:-)


rikyrah said...

This indeed was the best paragraph of the day. HILARIOUS. And on point. I'll take my glasses off and be ready to roll.

SheCodes said...

Girl, my face would greased up, hair cornrowed, rings off, and I would be ready to rumble in no time flat! LOL

justice58 said...

Hey guys,

You can count me in because I am so there!

simcha said...


(Arms Akimbo)

NOLA radfem said...

I love Michelle.

As a result of the family split over this election, I have finally declared myself an orphan.

And you know what FINALLY did it?

Yesterday, my cousin who is USUALLY the more progressive of the bunch said, "I will be voting McCain in November because of Obama's black militant white."


That's it. I'm an orphan. Seriously, somebody adopt me, it's gettin' lonely.

Tami said...

NOLA Radfem,

That's it--you're officially part of my family!

ottermatic said...

Cheryl Lynn deserves the credit for that awesomeness, not me!!! I just quoted her.

Especially since I didn't even know what the Vaseline was all about. I still love Michelle Obama, though.


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