Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can you spare a dime (or, more like $25) to fight rightwing lies on MTV?

From Moveon.org:

MTV just started accepting political ads. And the first political ad that millions of young people will see is a negative attack on Barack Obama—saying he's "worse than a flip-flopper" and accusing him of no longer being against the war.1 It's outrageous.

The Republicans' strategy is clear: kill the hope that's brought millions of new young voters out of the woodwork.

We can't let that happen. And as it turns out, we've got a funny, positive, hopeful way to fight back.

The "funniest ad" award winner in our Obama in 30 Seconds contest is a perfect counterpoint to the cynicism-mongering ad on MTV. Plus, it was made by actor (and MoveOn member) Rider Strong.

We just found out that we can run this ad on MTV and Comedy Central (as their first political ad ever) for $150,000. If 6,000 of us contribute $25, we can do it. Can you check out the ad—and if you like it, will you chip in to get it on the air?

Contribute at https://pol.moveon.org/donate/brainonhope.html?id=13345-9170166-yzVIhCx&t=4

Thanks for all you do.
–Peter, Ray, Daniel, Justin and the rest of the team

Tami's Note: If you're tired of Republicans using lies and distortion to mislead the American people...if you think our kids deserve better than this...put your money where you mouth is. Lay off the Starbucks and iTunes downloads for a week and contribute to this worthy cause. I did. Remember folks, it's a long way to November and we haven't won yet.

1. "Barack Obama Attacked In First National Political Ad Ever To Air On MTV," MTV News, July 23, 2008, http://www.moveon.org/r?r=3983&id=13345-9170166-yzVIhCx&t=5

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