Friday, July 25, 2008

Poetry you should know

Lucille Clifton Part II: A poem from Clifton; a poem from the daddy
crossposted from DaddyBStrong

homage to my hips
by Lucille Clifton

these hips are big hips
they need space to
move around in.
they don't fit into little
petty places. these hips
are free hips.
they don't like to be held back.
these hips have never been enslaved.
they go where they want to go.
they do what they want to do.
these hips are mighty hips.
these hips are magic hips.
i have known them
to put a spell on a man and
spin him like a top!

My Sassy Lucille (for Lucille Clifton)
by Mac Walton (MacDaddy)

Lucille,they say you won’t do your sister will.
I say you just sassy, a might brassy
and I likes my black coffee
just the way it is.

I likes your thick lips, that big butt,
them wide, swinging hips.
I likes your ear fine-tuned, your eyes deep-set
them eyes that see past me: me
and my white shirt pilling; me
and my top button missing; me
and my ring around the collar getting
darker and darker; me and my sweet dreams of you, me
and you listening to each other, me and you hearing each other,
the way it once was, the way it always outta be—free.

they say you won’t do your sister’s will.
I say keep juicing them thick, red lips.
Keep rocking that wide butt; keep swinging them fine hips.
Keep hearing my loud laughter over BB's singing
over barbecue steaming from mama’s warm kitchen.
Keep feeling my stomach pains, my hungry hearth crying out again
for hot collard greens and new tomorrows under
damp dark bridges, cold cardboard boxes, lonely park benches
in half-frozen, muddy trenches.

they say you won’t do your sister’s will.
I say you just sassy, a might brassy,
and I likes my black coffee
just the way it is.

Tami's Note: Yeah, Lucille...from big-hipped women everywhere! Mac Daddy is totally my poetry connection. Visit his blog for Part I of Lucille Clifton, which includes her bio, plus more poetry from the daddy and other master artists.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Tami (and Macdaddy) for a wonderful way to end my weekday and usher in the weekend! Poetry is such a pleasure!

Who's That Gurl? said...

Tami, many thanks for introducing us to the works of two phenomonal poets!

Somebodies Friend said...

I am really confused Tami.
This reminds me of my gal.
All of the signals are mixed all the time, heart-breaking is all I can say.

I just wish those hips would have been more honest hips, hurt, pain.

Sometimes it seems like it is all just a big game and I am the star.

Guess what, the star is burning out, AGAIN.

I don't know what to think about what we had, I was totally in love with her, and the demands, "tell me you love me."

It was so hard to say with all of the mixed signals, so hard, it seemed like a game, in hindsight.

Once more I sit here and ponder the question, did she really love me? Because for every thing she did that I can put a check in the YES column, there is a check or a potential check in the no column.

Everyone seems to want one thing these days, it is nothing new, that would be, HEAD FUCK HIM, anyway you can.

I am pleased to announce it is working, I am totally confused, AGAIN, I hope everyone is proud, it is working, yippy...........

Every time I am feeling good my "friends" shit on my head AGAIN, gotta love'em.

This too will pass, I hope it is all a fucking joke, maybe one day I will be able to laugh, just not today, today I want to CRY......

Somebodies Friend said...

Like I said in my last comments, this sounds alot like my gal.

Sometimes I am not sure if I get what my gal is trying to say, ya no how us guys and gals don't always communicate on the same level, misunderstandings and all.

Lets just say ifr I was OK with my gal, knowing she was doing a little shakin' and wigglin' of those hips when I was away. Being as free as she wanted to be, I wouldn't have a problem with that at all..... As a matter of fact I would encourage it, being lonely n all. As long as she wasn't puttin herself in harms way, it would be A OK, as far as I am concerned.

For the simple fact that I will be away quite a bit, and I have this funny feeling that I might be doing a little shakin' and a wigglin' when I am out and about.

How could I expect the misses to sit home alone if I am out gettin my freak on. Just wouldn't be fair would it, I don't think so.

I would say to the misses, lets be civil about this, as a matter of fact I thought we already had this discussion once before, ya no, the open it up thing we talked about.

Lets keep it real, cause we must remain friends, that is a fact....

My gal is a real woman, where else am I going to find me a bona fide woman, one that really loves and cares about me......

Nowhere as far as I can see...

God, I love her.....

Tami said...

Somebodies friend,

I don't know what your partner and you and going through, but I do have to say that gameplaying has no place in adult relationships. I think Lucille Clifton meant this poem as an homage to her sexual and personal power. But we all ought to be using the power we have for good not evil.

I'm not with you on the playing while the partner is away thing--not in a committed relationship. But you know, you and your girlfriend should work your relationship in the way that works best for the two of you and allows you both to grow and thrive. Relationships shouldn't be difficult, with a lot of drama and suspicion and head games. Gina at What About Our Daughter Said It Best on one of her podcasts--Real love is boring.

That's just my two cents.

Who's That Gurl? said...

I totally agree with you, Tami. To be honest, I played many a game in my day but I was young (early to mid 20s) and didn't know better. There's a level of maturity required for any relationship to work. If that's not there you'll always have a difficult time. And, as someone told me a while can't be in a relationship by yourself (i.e., there has to be mutual interest/love).

Somebodies friend, you may have to take a step back for a minute and 1) let her miss you and 2) see if she's really ready for a relationship. I'm not sure how old you are but as time goes on you learn that people only have control over what you let them control. Stay strong, everything will get better :).

Somebodies Friend said...

It has been too long for me, the sisters.
If I could contact the spirit of the sisters to know their will.
I don't remember the names of the sisters, the spirit of the beautiful black sisters escapes me.
If the spirit calls, I will anwser, yes, I will anwser the call.
You won't do your sisters will.
Show yourselves, black sisters, show me your will.....I will.

Somebodies Friend said...

Lucille, Lucille
I am almost there, I think I see the will.
When your shaken those hips.
Smackin those lips.
Untucking that white shirt with the missing botton.
Come on back, to the south side, on the lower South Side, in the back.

Are you saying yes, see there is no grafitti on the back, of the garage.

And the hair, twirling, pulling, touching, yes, am I saying yes, look at me, but don't just look at the hair, look all of me, yes, all of me. Am I wrong, I think not.

But what about my guy, he is here dancing with me, how do I ask for a dance, he won't approve.

This whole dancing lesson is complicated, yes, very complicated.

I am still trying to figure out the moves, so I can dance, and the bo will never Know.

I could use a clue from someone that knows. Everyone is talking in tongues, I need the anwser sheet.

all I am asking for is the key for yes, does it start with telling them my business, but I'll need to read it from the card, the card, in my hand?

Somebodies Friend said...

What have you done…to me?

I said it would never happen…to me!
I thought all this had passed…by me.
All the joy you shared…with me.
The smile on your face…around me.
The good times we had…you and me.
The feelings that you provoked…in me.
The love in your heart…because of me.
Will I see you again…I know you love me!
Never could I imagine…after you befriended me,
Everything that happened…why me?
I am seeing very clearly…but excuse me!
Why did you believe him…over me.
Then rip out my heart and feed it…to me!
I thought what we had was special…not just about me.
I’m still having a hard time…please forgive me!


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