Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A historic moment and lesson learned

How can I stay cranky on a day like this? I just listened to the official nomination of Barack Obama on the Sirius Satellite Convention Channel. It was inspiring, historic, moving...I cried. Here's the video:

You know what made it most moving? The satellite radio channel simply broadcasts the convention, without comment by talking heads. So, I listened and felt what I felt. It was great.

Of course, when I got home and turned on MSNBC, there was Pat Buchanan lamenting the "phoniness" of Democratic unity and Andrea Mitchell trying to wrest some drama from a Hillary Clinton supporter. The MSM is useless, I tell you. And, as we learned this morning, they make me a little angry. I'm dedicated to watching the rest of the convention on CSPAN or PBS. Keith Olbermann, I love you, but even you are getting on my nerves with your blowhardiness this week. Thank God for Rachel Maddow.

I even have a little love for Hillary Clinton tonight, after months of harboring ill feelings. It must have been hard, what she did today. It's not that I don't still think the things I said this morning are true. But it's over. I'm tired. Hate is so much more exhausting than hope.

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Anonymous said...


I cried also. It was so overwhelming. I'm from NY and to see Hillary and the NY delegation and then to hear Barack Obama and Democratic Nominee in the same sentence... Wow just wow. No matter what happens, I'll always have that moment of pure pride. Barack Obama is an equal of every other nominee of the Democratic Party and no one can take that away.

By the way, I love your Blog.


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