Friday, August 15, 2008

Remembering Isaac Hayes

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God, Take Good Care of Isaac Hayes

The daddy's feeling this poem from Amber Moonstone.

Fallen angel,
traveling minstrel,
play your guitar for me.
The way you always did.
Strumming my heartstrings,
humming the rhythm
to the beat of my heart
knowing what it does to me.

You were sadly taken away,
gone to rock and roll heaven,
only to join, Jim, Jimmy, Janice,
Elvis, Ricky, John, Bobby, and now Isaac.

There must be one hell of a band,
singing and rocking to the heavens,
and I know you are there with the best,
living the life of a rocking angel.

You were my best friend,
My musical genius,
my companion,
and now a memory that makes me smile.

I know you are in rock and roll heaven,
and I know you are making sweet music,
but please do me a favor,
and take good care of Isaac Hayes!
rainywalker wrote another wonderful poem about Isaac Hayes called "Waxen Moon." Just click on his name and check it out.

When you think of Isaac Hayes, what do you remember?

"By 1969, black artists were following rock's lead and recording extended epics. At the forefront of such experimentation was big bad Isaac Hayes, coauthor of countless Stax classics and an artist in his own right. On this, his second album, Hayes takes two MOR-pop benchmarks, Burt Bacharach's "Walk On By" and Jimmy Webb's "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," and spins them out into slow-building sermons lasting 12 and 18.5 minutes apiece. Heavily romantic, they predate by two years Barry White's symphonic adventures in the same style, revolutionizing soul music in the process."
--Barney Hoskyns, from
Isaac Hayes, whose simmering voice, singing-rap style, and chains draped over his otherwise naked chest, made him a commercial success and an R&B icon in the late sixties and early seventies, died today in his home.

When you think of Isaac Hayes, what do you remember?

The daddy remembers going to his show in Atlanta, Georgia and witnessing fans applauding and cheering him as if he were a God. He remembers Hayes striding on stage to the sound of the "Shaft" movie theme in white pants and a white and golden robe draped around his shoulders. He remembers Hayes, in showmanship fashion, finally tossing the robe away to reveal his naked chest. He remembers Hayes not only singing, but playing the piano and saxophone as well.

Besides the showman, I remember Isaac Hayes the studio musician. I remember Hayes, Booker T (of Booker T and the MGs fame), Steve Cropper, a fantastic rhythm guitarist, and David Porter, a very good songwriter, sitting around the Stax studio, working out songs. Most of all, I will remember Hayes playing a pivotal role in playing and the orchestration of the album "Born Under a Bad Sign," the historic blues album by guitarist Albert King. Hayes played piano on most of the songs and Booker T. played organ. Haye's soulful piano runs around King's velvety voice and gut-bucket blues guitar, especially on the hit "As the Years Go Passing By," sound bittersweet...priceless.

Because of Hayes and Booker T, "Born Under a Bad Sign" was successful in creating a synthesis betwee blues and R&B that helped to save the blues as a genre, making it more relevant to the coming generation.

When you think of Isaac Hayes, what do you remember?


Somebodies Friend said...

Born under a bad sign, too bad. The Tarot says, she a Virgo, the double edge sword together with the balance of Libra. Very interesting, isn't it!

So Issac did go to Rock and Roll Heaven, with Jim, Jimmy, Janice, Elvis, Ricky, John, and Bobby!

God Bless Issac Hayes, he will be missed by all.

This story is getting more and more interesting every time I think about it, No?

Anonymous said...

What do we all remember about Isaac Hayes? I remember learning to drink espresso from "Shaft", we played the theme from "Shaft" in our high school orchestra, the only contemporary piece of music we ever played in 1971! This was in an almost all white suburban high school no less!!

Shaft was cool, Shaft was loyal to his friends, Hayes was cool, Hayes was loyal to his friends.

I'll never forget what an impact just the movie and his career had on me, and we've been playing his music and drinking toasts to him all week at our little gay bar in Pasadena, CA. Life is full of contradictions, and that's what we all love about Isaac Hayes I think.

We're going to miss this brother, I can tell you that!!

Somebodies Friend said...

This Angel, flying… high.
From the heavens above.
Soaring free like a magnificent dove.
The parts all fit, just like a glove.
Nobody could have guessed.
That he would be the best.
Saying goodnight to the rest.
From the East to the West.
He doesn't think any less...
of them, or what they have done.
Most all will be invited to come.
Just stop acting like… I am dumb.
You’re making me numb.
I can never forget… you.
It still seems… to make me blue.
I wish, it wasn’t true.
I still love you.


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