Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Campbell Brown: "Free Sarah Palin!"

CNN anchor Campbell Brown is right. The way the McCain campaign has kept vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin shielded from media scrutiny does little to inspire confidence that she is ready to be second in command of the United States. It also highlights a disturbing sexism. I expect my heads of state (man or woman) to be capable, smart, savvy on foreign and domestic affairs, proactive, open and honest. We've had little chance to see any of this from Palin, sequestered as she is. You can argue that the media has been tough on Palin, but surely no tougher than it has been on Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Those historic candidates faced up to the media and the people. Why can't Sarah Palin? The press was allowed a meager 29 seconds of access during her meetings with foreign representatives yesterday.

If the McCain camp is as worried about sexism in this race as it claims, I suggest that it lead the way in fair treatment of Gov. Palin. Let the woman speak. And let the chips fall where they may.


JenX67 said...

i have written a blog post about palin. i'm trying to get the nerve up to post it. it's pretty, well, -- it's probably going to cost me some friends.

ac said...

I was really surprised by Campbell's self described rant today. Surprised but mildly impressed by it too. I'm not so objective that I give Palin the benefit of the doubt but if I were I'd be finding all this sheltering chauvinistic and sexist too. Free Sarah Plain, indeed.

MacDaddy said...

We all know the McCain campaign is afraid that she'll make a mistake before her coached up debate with Biden. But I agree with Campbell. Don't complain about unequal, different treatment of Palin and then treat her differently yourself-- treat her as if she really is unqualified to be VP.

Even Ray Charles on heroin or Stevie Wonder with braids covering his eyes can see through that.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Benjamin Franklin's quote, "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Lisa said...

Hey Tami! I haven't commented in a while, but I've been lurking :). . . Had to come outta hiding to tell Palin to come outta hiding. . . don't wanna be a hyprocite!!

tips paradise blog said...

Obama always wins and it is the reason why he also gets the most reviews.

The Angry Independent said...

In just a few days, McCain & Co. will have no choice but to allow Palin to face the media and the nation.

Her road to the VP job passes through St. Louis, and my University Campus. And I can't wait.

I just wonder how much McCain's people have leaned on Gwen Ifill and the news media to go soft on her. I wonder how watered down the questioning will be. We won't know until the debate. But it should be interesting (especially considering her last two interviews).

One thing that she seems to do well is stay on script (which is why she repeats lies and misinformation long after they have been debunked). And from all accounts, it seems that the VP debate will be heavily scripted and heavily moderated.

But will she be able to remember her lines? I have noticed that when she is nervous about being in front of such large audiences...and when she gets rattled... she loses focus and goes off script (which is Titanic territory for the McCain/Palin ticket). It's all entertainment after that. lol

Of course we have to be mindful of Biden too... he could be equally as entertaining. I hope that won't be the case... but it's always a possibility with him.


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