Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama vs. McCain

(Hat tip to The Angry Black Woman)

An Experimental Life offers a good and thorough post examining the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, specifically John McCain's distortions about Barack Obama's policies and record:

Now that my long-winded preamble is done, let's get to the meat, starting with some of the most recent and blatant lies, distortions, and double standards (and it'd take a book to address all of them, so this is just a taste)...

According to John McCain himself at the RNC, Barack Obama is against nuclear energy. In fact, Senator Obama has stated on national television that atomic power is part of his plan to wean the United States off of foreign oil.

According to John McCain's recent speech (again at the RNC), Barack Obama wants to raise everyone's taxes, and that these tax hikes will cost American jobs. He also claims that Obama will tax more and spend more.

The truth? Obama wants to lower taxes for poor and middle-class Americans while getting rid of Bush's tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, give tax breaks to corporations who do NOT ship jobs overseas, and withhold those tax breaks from those who DO ship jobs overseas. Also keep in mind when thinking about taxation and spending, that John McCain supports making the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans permanent, and did not lift a finger when tax breaks for the lowest-income American were allowed to quietly expire. McCain also supports the policy of "borrow and spend" that took us from a national surplus (under a Democratic president, I might add) to a national debt of $9,692,762,945,925.31 (as of 09/09/2008). We're on track to be over ten TRILLION dollars in debt (much of it to China) before Spring. Fiscal conservatives my ass! Don't believe me? Check out

Yet again from the RNC, John McCain claims that Barack Obama wants to put the government in charge of everyone's health care and have bureaucrats make your health care decisions.

The truth? Barack Obama said that if you already have health care, "keep it." and that if you can't afford health insurance, the government will help subsidize it so that you can afford it. That he wanted to give every American the chance to have the same health insurance and care options that members of congress now have. (This is similar to Kerry's national health care plan, which dubya made the same false claims about.)

Now to fair, let us assume for a moment that John McCain honestly believes that helping people who could not otherwise afford it pay for the same range of health care plans that members of congress gets is putting government bureaucrats in charge of your health care. If this is indeed the case, then lets see where this logic goes. If we apply McCain's logic on health care, we have to assume that Congress is in a terrible situation as far as their health care goes, because government bureaucrats, instead of medical professionals, make their health care decisions.

Also, if we apply this same "logic"--that subsidization equals government bureaucrat control--then government bureaucrats must be in charge of the big oil companies, too, since the government subsidizes them, but that the government--and McCain--are lying to us about not being able to control them.

(As long as I'm mentioning oil, most economists--you know, those guys who study the economy, and whom both the far right and Hillary love to quote when they agree and treat with contempt when they don't say what they want to hear--say that the offshore drilling that McCain wants to do will not produce any results for at least ten years, maybe longer--even our own EIA says it wouldn't do anything until at least 2030, by which time we could be off of foreign oil without it--and even THEN may not make much of a difference in gas prices. Well, then there are also the tens of thousands of square miles of oil fields on land that they're not drilling, and the fact that if we work at it we could decrease our petroleum consumption to the point at which we would need neither additional offshore drilling nor foreign oil.) Read more...


MacDaddy said...

I'm always suspicious of politicians that spend a lot of time distorting or lying about where their opponent stands on the issues but doesn't make clear where he or she stands. And I doubt if anyone knows where he stands, because he changes with the wind. But his record gives an indication of what he would probably do as president...continue the ill-informed, inappropriate policies of Bush.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say, but as a feminist, I never make fun of women who run for office. There are plenty of men out there to do the job, and make it harder for all women to achieve. Whether they be conservative or liberal, you can bet they've had to work pretty damn hard to break those barriers.

Too bad women who are progressive and under 40 have such a hard time with this, but hey, why do you think we've had male supremacy for 5000 years?

Call me a humorless feminist, but I say, let's support the women. I'm sure men get plenty mad if we really trash them, and I'm sure Obama trashing to this degree would cause outrage.


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