Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarah Benincasa brings the funny

For a lighter look at the presidential race, check out comedian, writer and radio host Sarah Benincasa's You Tube page. Benincasa stars as Sarah Palin in a series of vlogs. Comedy gold, ya'll!

Gov. Palin prepares for the Charlie Gibson interview:

Gov. Palin meets a black person.


Anonymous said...

I love it when feminists make fun of other women of achievement. I used to flee Daily Kos because of its offensive comments about women in politics.

Tami said...


What are your thoughts on the Fey/Poehler as Palin/Clinton SNL skit that everyone is raving about? I'm curious because I think that comedy bit identified what I think is my (albeit GenX) view of comedy. For example: Sexist jokes about Palin/Clinton's looks not okay; jokes about the fact that Palin seems to have zero grasp of any important domestic of foreign issue and how she parrots the same talking points over and over again--totally okay. I don't think Sara Benincasa is making fun of Palin for being a woman, or pretty, or a mother, or her accomplishments, etc.

Would you say that women, apart from men and whatever they do, should be sort of a protected class when it comes to this stuff?

Anonymous said...

i don't know Tami, good questions.
I guess I just get so sick of women being made fun of, and having stupid men say things like, "It's just a joke! Smile!" when women are being made fun of.

I hate all humor directed at women actually. People are going to do it anyway, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Women aren't ever a protected class of people! Wow, if only they were -- protected from sexist idiots, protected from rape and pornography... wow women protected? Not on your life, women are the ultimate targets worldwide.

Jennifer K said...

tami, thanks for sharing these. I think Sarah Benincasa is hilarious and I love her Sarah Palin vlogs.

And you're right. Making fun of Palin and Clinton's looks are pretty sexist. But Palin deserves to be made fun of for her lack of intellectual acumen, concept of foreign policy and her RNC speech that she has given again, and again, and again...You could make a drinking game out of that speech!

Anyway, I found your blog via JenX67, and I like what I see. I definitely keep reading.

blackgirlinmaine said...

Thanks for posting this, its the first time I have seen Sarah Benincasa but she is hillarious.


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