Friday, October 17, 2008

5:30 a.m. and a cold sweat

"What if they win?"

That was my first thought when the alarm went off this morning.

Yesterday I listened to talk about the national polls tightening and McCain gaining ground. And though I know Obama is still ahead...though I know polls usually get closer as election day approaches...though I know narrowed margins on one day could be statistical noise....though I know the electoral map looks good for Obama...though I am continually amazed at the strong support Obama has in my crimson county in a red state...though Obama is claiming top endorsements, like today's from the conservative Chicago Tribune (which is endorsing a Democratic candidate for the first time ever)...I'm a little scared, cause what if...

I've listened to the accusations patriotism. I've seen the racism. I've watched the xenophobia. I've heard the usual attacks on intelligence, reason and excellence. I've seen the sneering, ugly anger. I've listened to the lies. I've watched the attempts to disenfranchise voters. I've read about the robo calls and nasty e-mails. I've read the policies and plans that enrich a few at the expense of many. And I've heard the cowboy talk and saber rattling. It's all happening...again.

I mean, these people can't win, can they?

Man, am I scared. This is not my country.

Look, if John McCain and Sarah Palin and folks like the ones in the video above (the people McCain was so "proud of" is this week's debate) are destined to win--and I pray that they are not--we at least need to go down with a fight. Here's what you can do:

Vote NOW. If your state has early voting, don't wait to cast your vote. I did it and it took less than 20 minutes, Remember the electile dysfunction of 2000 and 2004? Don't take a chance on poorly staffed polling places, inclement weather and day-of shenanigans. Find out where to vote here.

Donate. Help make sure that the Obama campaign can keep its ads on the air and its ground game going. We need to widen the lead in those swing states. You don't have a lot of money. I don't either, but I gave a little today...for my country. Give what you can. $20. $10. $5. $2.50. Just do your part. It's easy.

Convince undecideds. If you sign up for Barack Obama's Web site, you can learn about lots of ways to help the campaign, from making calls to canvassing to writing letters to local newspapers. I'm really bad at "selling" via phone or face-to-face, but I am a decent writer, so I'll be writing some letters to the editor this weekend.

I want to be celebrating the triumph of America's better self on November 5, not filling out Canadian immigration papers (just kidding).

Let's save our country.


MacDaddy said...

Tami: I've done everything but volunteer. I'll do that next week. But I've noticed that my friends have become complacent, thinking that Obama has it locked. So I'm thinking that, in addition to voting now, donating, convincing undecideds, it's important to tell friends to finish the deal: to make sure they go out and vote.

It would be sad if Obama lost, because people got too lazy to vote, thinking that Obama had the presidency locked up.

jaceel said...

I won't lie, since Obama won Iowa i have been having thoughts of reconstruction and the retribution of Jim crow. Throw in the economic problems and the constant low level chant that the problems are caused by bad "minority" loans the scapegoating is to similar to the battle cry at the beginning of Nazi Germany. Ahhh, the internet a place to throw up my nerousis.

Anonymous said...

This campaign simply brings out in the open all the worst aspects of Americans. I've heard the sexist dupes for Obama, I've heard the racist dupes for McCain.

Racism and sexism go hand in hand, and there is no shortage of filming for ignorant clueless people. The world is full of them.

Anonymous said...

Such sickening hatred.


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