Monday, November 10, 2008

An awesome thing happened on the way to the presidency

Here's a bit of inspiring news that has gotten lost in the celebration over Barack Obama's win: According to the Wall Street Journal, women now hold 13 of 24 seats in the New Hampshire state senate, making the "live free or die" state the first in the country with a female majority in a legislative body.

Nationally, less than one in four legislators is female. Just 16% of the members of Congress are women, but their numbers grew overnight, with another dozen women on their way to Washington for the 111th Congress. Governors’ mansions across the country have the ratio of female occupants — 8 of 50 — and now another just female governor has been elected in North Carolina.

Jonathan Parker, political director for Emily’s List, which works to elect pro-choice Democratic women, said he has seen a burst of political enthusiasm and activism among women inspired Clinton’s historic candidacy, and he expects a surge in their visibility at all levels of government. Read more...


JenX67 said...


Jean W said...

What great news. Oklahoma's Legislature has a LONG way to go to get there. In fact we just - for the first time in history -elected a majority Republicans to our Senate making - again for the first time in our state's history - both chambers controlled by Republicans. Groan.

Anonymous said...

This is great news Tami! Thanks for reporting on New Hampshire. I well remember the day Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire, and I was wildly happy. People at work said they had never seen me so happy the whole time they've known me. And I knew I was going to celebrate Clinton's victory big time, because I knew that she might not get farther.

This mighty effort by Senator Clinton energized women nationwide, and we got to see the violent and creepy sexism thrown at Clinton all the way. I made a vow after this election that I would never ever vote for a man again if I had a choice, and I assume that all women who get that far in politics are very well qualified.

Men face attacks, but their clothing choices are never cover stories in the New York Times, for example.

I don't believe that men can adequately represent women at all. I don't believe that men really care what women think, and they arrogantly assume that we have to fit into the public world owned and controlled by male agency. Just compare the lives of Winnie and Nelson Mandela and you'll see what liberation movements do for men, and how they degrade women. This is a scandal that has yet to be evaluated yet. Nelson Mandela was never raped in prison, for example. But I digress.

So New Hampshire is the first state where women have become the majority, and this will change things. Hillary Clinton's run for office was an inspiration to women across the country, and even more will be accomplished now. Men will be put on notice that they don't own America, that they don't own women, and that they can no longer get away with incredible sexism in a campaign.

Hillary Clinton's pioneering run opened doors for everyone, including black men. You won't hear black men say thank you to her, and during the campaign I heard black men constantly refer to Hillary Clinton as a "b----" That was a real clue as to who they really were, and it made their claims of racism seem ironic to me.

No, black men should never call women B----" never, not in rap music, not on TV, never. New Hampshire, live free or die, and that's what women chose, they chose to at last take over a state legislature. It makes me want to move to New Hampshire!


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