Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The revolution will not be televised



Professor Tracey said...

Hey to my fellow Indiana blogger - Let's hope Indiana makes us proud and turns blue! Leading the way!

Lady C said...

Tami, Girrrrl, I still have the original album. Two years ago, my daughter had the album put on a DVD so that I can still play it. Gil Scott was my spoken word (rap) artists back in the day.

On such a momentus day, how timely can this be.

Side note: The "Bullwinkle and Julia," Gil Scott spoke of was Dianne Carroll in her television series, "Julia". Carroll was the first black female lead in a television series. She was a nurse, who was a single mom because her husband had passed away. Also "Willie Mae" instead of Willie Mays "running down the block with the shopping cart."

You've made my day!

fudgelady said...

I voted.

And now I'm celebrating!


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