Friday, December 19, 2008

The Nation covers Katrina's hidden race war

While the MSM was disseminating false stories of raping and pillaging during Hurricane Katrina, where was the coverage about this?

My God!

The way Donnell Herrington tells it, there was no warning. One second he was trudging through the heat. The next he was lying prostrate on the pavement, his life spilling out of a hole in his throat, his body racked with pain, his vision blurred and distorted.

It was September 1, 2005, some three days after Hurricane Katrina crashed into New Orleans, and somebody had just blasted Herrington, who is African-American, with a shotgun. "I just hit the ground. I didn't even know what happened," recalls Herrington, a burly 32-year-old with a soft drawl.

The sudden eruption of gunfire horrified Herrington's companions--his cousin Marcel Alexander, then 17, and friend Chris Collins, then 18, who are also black. "I looked at Donnell and he had this big old hole in his neck," Alexander recalls. "I tried to help him up, and they started shooting again." Herrington says he was staggering to his feet when a second shotgun blast struck him from behind; the spray of lead pellets also caught Collins and Alexander. The buckshot peppered Alexander's back, arm and buttocks.

Herrington shouted at the other men to run and turned to face his attackers: three armed white males. Herrington says he hadn't even seen the men or their weapons before the shooting began. As Alexander and Collins fled, Herrington ran in the opposite direction, his hand pressed to the bleeding wound on his throat. Behind him, he says, the gunmen yelled, "Get him! Get that nigger!" Read more...

I have friends who are white and conservative, who are fond of saying that the racial playing field is equal now--maybe even slanted in favor of black people. There is no racism anymore, really. If it exists, it exists on both sides.

That's what they think. I think they really don't understand. And the media silence on events like this, is one reason that America will continue not to understand.


Rebecca said...

Unbelievable. If I'm ever tempted to think that the racial playing field is equal (I'm white) I think about it in terms of sexism. It's hard to describe to a man how I can FEEL the sexism in society, even if I never experience it overtly. And I'm fairly certain I'm not being paranoid. I imagine it must be something similar for racial minorities.

Also, as for racism existing on both sides - I think (though I'm not an expert, so take it for what it's worth) that the theories of racism and sexism are sociological theories, and those -ism theories also posit that it's IMPOSSIBLE for the oppressed to be racist or sexist against the oppressor. It may look similar, but if it's directed from the oppressed to the oppressing, it cannot be racism or sexism because those are paradigms used specifically to keep the oppressed down. (The oppressed can, however, be racist or sexist against their own group.)

brownstocking said...

Thank you. I don't even know what to do, I'm trying to move past sending someone to Algiers Point (I can't remember the suburb's name) and finding the Bubbas who thought it was "better than pheasant season..."

Brother OMi said...

It's wild cause I know several people who did vids and spoke out about this from NO.

A gang of folks were talking about things like this incident...

Its a shame that it is only coming out now.

Courtney said...

Good grief. I remember during Katrina there were a handful of reports of random shooting in NO but that's all the MSM in ST. Louis would say. I never heard what the shooting was about.

I guess now I know. People in a small community trying to take out as many people of color as they could.

Courtney said...

Goodness. I remember a couple of accounts from the MSM in Memphis about random shootings in NO right after Katrina but I never heard what exactly that was about.

I guess now I know. People from a small neighborhood trying to kills as many people of color as they could during the aftermath of a disaster.


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