Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poetry you should know: "We are the Women" by Queen Sheba

Adele Nieves just Twittered that she has been studying spoken word and is discovering Queen Sheba. Since I know Adele is a smart chick with good taste, I checked out the You Tube link and...Damn! This poet is...Damn!

Sometimes when I listen to modern urban spoken word, it occurs to me that this artistic medium is hip hop that hasn't lost its soul to bling and booties and commercialism. It is passionate and powerful, rough and real, and beautiful. This is poetry you should know. Listen to this: "We Are the Women" by Queen Sheba.


Raquita said...

I would strongly suggest you pick up all of her albums - she comes thru my town regularly and never fails to leave people moved - she lays it all on stage every time -
check out misty mirrors if you can find it on youtube, and it will pass, matter of fact if you are in STL, I'll let you check outsome video..

she truly is the truth

quarter-life-crisis said...

If you are in the Atlanta area, you can check her out every 1st Sunday at the Apache downtown.
She is the host of a open mic event. This is where I first saw her and she is amazing and down to earth. Very approachable (I hope I spelled that right).

Brother OMi said...

Yeah I have known Queen Sheba since '99 and she has been doing her thing. she travels very OFTEN...

never know when she will be in town


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