Friday, January 4, 2008

UPDATE: War (reporting): What is it good for?

A commenter on my previous post about men and women of color being noticeably absent from war reporting, introduced me this wonderful site in memory of black and Hispanic women who have given their lives for their country.

Visit Tribute to Black Women and keep these brave women and their families in your prayers.

Take THAT pundits!

I commented over on Professor Tracey's blog Aunt Jemima's Revenge that the curse of the today's 24-hour news cycle is that 10 minutes worth of facts are often inflated to hours and hours of opinion positioned as gospel truth. Since the beginning of the 2008 election season, pundits have postulated that:

- Hillary Clinton is unbeatable.
- Rudy Giuliani is a top-tier candidate.
- White Americans, especially those in the flyover states, won't really vote for Barack Obama.
- Mike Huckabee is too corn pone and naive to garner Republican votes.

But last night, Barack Obama swept the Iowa caucus and John Edwards nudged Clinton out of the way to take second place. Mike Huckabee trounced all comers even Rudy Giuliani, who barely made a ripple in the political waters. So, now what?

I'll tell you my opinion: I think folks like me are tired of media telling us the outcome of elections before we have a chance to step into a voting booth. Media, in part, create top tier candidates by who they choose to cover and who they anoint as viable and electable.

If you are an eligible voter, first of all, register and vote. Secondly, ignore the pundits. Instead, get informed about your choices. Visit the candidates' Web sites. Submit questions to debates. Visit Consume left-wing and right-wing media. Read political blogs, like SheCodes' Black Women Vote. Watch candidate interviews on Meet the Press. Gather all the information you can to help make your decision. Knowledge is power. And we get the government we deserve.


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