Thursday, January 17, 2008

Damn the passage of time

Mike Score, Flock of Seagulls, yesterday and today
I am 30-something years old. Want to make me feel like a fossil? Tell me some pop icon from my teen years has hit middle age.

This morning I was driving in to work listening to the radio. The host was doing the "today's celebrity birthdays" thing. Betty White is 86...Okay...Eartha Kitt is 81...Cool...James Earl Jones is 77...Makes sense...Jez Strode, ex-drummer for Kajagoogoo is 50...Wait...What?...Jez Strode is freakin' 50 years old!?

What is an 80s chick to do? The Material Girl turns a womanly 50 this year, too. Billy Idol turns 53. George Michael will be 45. And Nick Rhodes, synth man for Duran Duran, who I once thought was so, so hot with his eyeliner and glossy lipstick, will be 46. I hear Duran has a good album out, but I'm afraid to listen...well, really...look. I hate to think that the pretty, young, painted boys that sparked all my adolescent fantasies now look like aged drag queens.

Did you ever watch that VH1 show, Bands Reunited? It was a masterpiece! Hosted by Aamer Haleem, the show tracked down 80s bands like Berlin, Klymaxx, Kajagoogoo and Flock of Seagulls, and encouraged them to perform one more time, just like in the old days. The program didn't last very long. It probably wasn't misogynistic and perverse enough for Viacom, but while it was on it was pure pop goodness. I relived my glory days and learned all the dirt (Those ladies in Klymaxx brought the drama!) behind the 80s hair and expensive videos. Of course, Bands Reunited was also kind of sobering. It was on BR that I learned that Mike Score of Flock of Seagulls, y'know the one with the bitchin' swooping hairdo, now looks a lot like the paunchy, balding guy that changes my oil at the Jiffy Lube. And, by the way, Score turns 51 this year.

It's bad enough my "little" sister has three kids, my best friend since the age of 3 is turning 40 this year, my butt is twice the size it was in college and there is this damned unruly gray strand in my hairline that no amount of twisting and tucking will hide. Can't my teen idols have the decency to stay young? It would make me feel a whole lot better about the march of time.


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