Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Musings on the Potomac Primary

One reason I think John McCain can't beat Barack Obama in November

Tuesday-night Obama speech=Hope; unity; regular people deserve a voice and fairness; end the war; take care of domestic needs; reverse tax cuts for the wealthy; provide affordable health care; provide affordable college education; retire with dignity; teachers need better pay and more support; children deserve a well-rounded education; American dream; the road won't be easy, but...YES, WE CAN!

Tuesday-night McCain speech = Be afraid! Democrats will take your money and your job! Liberals want to throw a dinner party with al Queda and serve your babies for dessert! Fear! Fear! Fear! They hate us for our freedom! Democrats hate America! Obama and Hillary serve only their egos! George "Macaca" Allen is cool...Blah...blah...blah...Tastycakes. And with his awkward delivery, McCain even managed to make that inflammatory ramble sound like a snooze. I'm not so sure the Republicans' usual fear mongering is going to help them this time around, but you never know. I am counting the days until the Bush administration starts raising the terrorist threat level to set citizens on edge. I imagine we'll go flaming orange as soon as the Democratic winner is crowned.

Reason number 1,253,897 the media is getting on my nerves this election season

Stop the presses! There is a new political narrative afloat. CNN talking heads noted several times during Potomac Primary recaps that Hillary Clinton had been "abandoned" by her traditional base--white women, Latinos and seniors. Now, I am an Obama supporter, but the fact that he bested Clinton in those demographic categories for the first time ever in TWO states does not equal "abandonment." Can we at least wait for Wisconsin and Hawaii before we start reporting trends?


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