Friday, March 7, 2008

Sixteen maneuvers to avoid really dealing with racism

Love this list over on Feministe. Holly, the poster, writes:
I found this list in an old e-mail, and thought it might come in handy for recognizing some common tactics of resistance against discussions of racism, against acknowledging that racism exists as a systemic injustice that we’re all complicit in to some degree, against owning up to anything. Apparently this list — which I adapted slightly into quotations with names — was originally developed by some anti-racist education organization, but I don’t know which one. (If you do, tell me!)
The tactics include:

The Remove the Right To Be Angry
“You’re too sensitive… if you weren’t so aggressive, vocal, hostile, angry, or upset, people would listen to you and you wouldn’t get in trouble!”

The Utopian Eye-Gouger
“I’m colorblind, personally… why can’t we all just ignore race, it’s not like it’s even real… it’s not like I tangibly benefit from being white every day or anything! Can’t we all just get along?”

The Bending Over Backwards
“You people of color are so right. I agree with everything you say. Because you’re right, of course… not just because I’m guilty and white and wrong!”

The Personal Justification
“But a black person, Mexican, mean old Asian lady, or Native American once cut in front of me in line, said something stupid, mugged me, or took my hubcaps! So as far as I’m concerned, they proved all of my prejudices!”

The Loophole of Escape
“I can’t possibly be a bigot or a racist… I’m part of the oppressed due to the fact that I’m a woman!” (or gay, poor, young, trans, etc.)

The Culture Appropriator
“Damn, bro! You know I’m down with the homies, I ain’t no wack racist cracker, shiznit.”


"Sumpin' Turrible" indeed

Dear God!

The segment above appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Now, I enjoy edgy comedy, but this, this is not funny. This is a truckload of tired and hurtful stereotypes about black women trotted out for laughs by a black man. Apparently, Kenan Thompson and Ellen Page agree that black women are fat, sassy, ugly, ignorant, hypersexual, uncouth, have "funny" names, and apparently when given the opportunity to "mammy" impressionable young, white women, bad influences.

I could say more, but Wendi Muse at Racialicious has already said it better than I can. Click here.


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