Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Women's History Month blog carnival

A wonderful poem written by Dani Elle/Alecto has been posted on Women's Space.
I am not
As white as you
I am not
As rich as you
Still I bleed red
In darkness

While you shine
With your golden hair
And your beautiful words

And I hate you


When will the Republican presidential nominee talk about race?

Jennifer at Mixed Race America always has interesting things to say about race. In a recent post, she wonders why no one is asking John McCain about race. Have we simply decided not to hold Republicans accountable on racial issues, assuming they are unchangeably intolerant?

Jennifer points out that in 2000, McCain publicly voiced a racial slur against Vietnamese people. This, in my mind, is considerably more troubling that what Hillary Clinton's surrogates or Barack Obama's pastor says.

The other day a friend and I were talking about the remarkable speech on race delivered by Barack Obama last Tuesday. And she said that he was the only person qualified to talk about race in the way he did--honestly, openly, directly--among the presidential contenders. I agreed, but then I pointed out that there was one other person. I pointed out that John McCain was in a unique position to also talk about his experiences with race in America--most specifically, his relationship with the Vietnamese American community, in particular, and Asian Americans, in general, regarding his use of the slur "gook" back in the run-up to the 2000 presidential elections, when McCain's "Straight Talk Express" took him to use the racial slur, unabashedly--telling reporters that:

"I hate the gooks. And I will hate them as long as I live. You can quote me
on this."

Read Jennifer's complete post.


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