Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Women's History Month blog carnival

by Diane Dorce of Reading Writing Blogging

On being strong…..

The one accolade I hear most is….girl you are strong….you a strong, independent woman….you strong…but sometimes I don’t want to be so strong. Sometimes I grow tired of carrying the mantle and other folks on my back, hiding emotion, pretending to have it all together….sometimes I just want to break down and cry, curl into a ball, and lie in the arms of somebody who is strong….not my arms. Being strong can sometimes be a curse, because when everyone else thinks you’re strong, they never seem to think that you are in need of anything, compassion, sympathy, love, or joy….they think you got it all together, when in reality you are depleted of the one thing you need the most, strength. I wear the mask, indeed I do…but not for long, because while I need to be strong for others, I also need to be tender, to be childlike, to laugh for no reason, to cry for no reason, sing, to dance, to jump and tumble, to fall and pick myself up, to be appreciated for no reason, to be touched, and have all my boo-boos kissed, to be wrapped up in the warmest embrace of someone wanting nothing more, but to comfort me. I can’t stop being strong, it’s who I am, but I can take a sabbatical every now and then, and on that day, you’ll see the real me…the sometimes shy, loving to laugh, loving to smile little girl, who since birth dreamed of worlds and adventures only she could imagine.


Somebody’s mom
Somebody’s daughter
Somebody’s sister
Somebody’s niece
Somebody’s aunt
Somebody’s friend
Somebody’s confidante
Somebody’s love
Somebody’s savior

NOBODY’S Bitch, Trick or Whore!



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