Thursday, April 17, 2008

Really? Really, ABC?

UPDATE: Call ABC at (818) 460-7477

You call that travesty that aired last night a DEBATE? First, what paragon of journalistic values thought it was a good idea to have the debate moderated by George Stephanopolous, one of Bill Clinton's former senior political advisors? And what's with the 45 minutes of trivial "gotcha" questions aimed at Barack Obama, followed by softball questions that allowed Hillary Clinton to expound on her platform?

I am an Obama supporter, so I could just be biased,, Tom Shales at the Washington Post agrees with me:

To this observer, ABC's coverage seemed slanted against Obama. The director cut several times to reaction shots of such Clinton supporters as her daughter, Chelsea, who sat in the audience at the Kimmel Theater in Philly's National Constitution Center. Obama supporters did not get equal screen time, giving the impression that there weren't any in the hall. The director also clumsily chose to pan the audience at the very start of the debate, when the candidates made their opening statements, so Obama and Clinton were barely seen before the first commercial break.

At the end, Gibson pompously thanked the candidates -- or was he really patting himself on the back? -- for "what I think has been a fascinating debate." He's entitled to his opinion, but the most fascinating aspect was waiting to see how low he and Stephanopoulos would go, and then being appalled at the answer. (SOURCE)


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