Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clinton, Obama and the race chasm

Interesting article by David Sirota at In These Times. An excerpt:
Google the phrase “Clinton firewall” and you will come up with an ever-lengthening list of scenarios that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has said will stop Barack Obama’s candidacy. The New Hampshire primary, said her campaign, would be the firewall to end Obamamania. Then Super Tuesday was supposed to be the firewall. Then Texas. Now Pennsylvania and Indiana.

For four months, the political world has been hypnotized by this string-along game, not bothering to ask what this Clinton tactic really is. The “just wait until the next states” mantra has diverted our attention from the firewall’s grounding in race and democracy. But now, with only a few months until the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the firewall’s true composition is coming into focus. Whether Obama can overcome this barrier will likely decide who becomes the Democrats’ presidential nominee.

The Race Chasm
Sirota posted an update of sorts, taking the Pennsylvania results into account, this morning on Daily Kos.

Because I need a laugh this morning: The comic genius of Larry Wilmore

"Melanin works like baby powder." Bwah!


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