Monday, June 16, 2008

What do you say?

I am interested in adding some new voices to What Tami Said by cross-posting good articles from other blogs and by running essays from other like-minded writers. Please contact me at if you are interested in being a guest contributor or if you have recently written a blog post that might interest the What Tami Said community.

Vist me at Anti-Racist Parent

Come and check me out over at Carmen Van Kerckhove's Anti-Racist Parent blog, where I have taken on the job of editor. Today's post is an "Ask ARP" column from a Canadian man who is adopting an Ethiopian baby with his wife:
Dear Anti-Racist Parent,

My wife and I are adopting a little infant girl from Ethiopia. My wife has read 35 books, spends hours in adoption related chat rooms, has taken courses on caring for black kids’ hair and skin etc. Suffice it to say she is really committed.

Me on the other hand…….have convinced myself that racism doesn’t exist in our small rural community outside Toronto. My faith in love and nurturing my little daughter (as I do with our 3 young sons) is the key ingredient to making our daughter feel loved and secure. Growing up my best friend was black, I dated women from diverse cultures, my parents were not racist……….so it was just not an issue. I NOW feel like my wife is making race an issue. Read more...


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