Thursday, September 4, 2008

John McCain, I'm sure Barack Obama's campaign thanks you

Wow! Did you see that? I just watched the Republicans exploit and politicize 9/11 at their national convention. I am so upset. There are no words. But, hey, John McCain just earned Barack Obama's campaign another donation from me and my husband. We cannot let this kind of politics win. We are better than this. Right? RIGHT?

I'd like to assume that winning in November will be easy, given the horror of the last eight years, compounded by the last four days of The John McCain Show. But we cannot leave it up to chance. Please help this country win the forward-thinking, compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent and humane government it deserves--one that appeals to our best natures and not our worst.

You can donate, too, on my Obama fund-raising page on the candidate's Web site. Even $5 will help. While you're there, set up your own page, make arrangements to volunteer, canvas, make calls and convince other folks of what's at stake. Please do this. Our future depends on it.


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