Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free diversity training: Is your organization dealing with diversity fatigue?

You probably hear groans of exasperation every time a diversity training session is announced. Your boss, who claims to be so committed to advancing diversity, has somehow managed to skip every single diversity council meeting this year. Your organization's big diversity event of the year is so old-school and irrelevant (ethnic food potluck, anyone?) that it has become the laughing stock of the staff.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Deep down inside, you know there's a better way to "do" diversity in 2009. You know the old approach is broken. You know that if your organization truly wants to recruit and retain top talent of color, it needs to overhaul the way it thinks about race and diversity.

But exactly which changes should your organization make? And what can you do personally to help?

Good news: Carmen Van Kerckhove, president of diversity education firm New Demographic, will share with you exactly what you need to know on this FREE CALL happening on Wednesday, January 21, 2009...

"The 3 Biggest Diversity BlundersYour Organization Could Be Making Right Now (And How to Avoid Them)"

Reserve your line for this FREE teleseminar now!

On this 60-minute call, you'll learn:

* Why your colleagues are right to scoff at diversity training -- it actually doesn't work! I'll show you why not, and let you know what does work instead.
* Why your organization's executives should never proclaim that they're colorblind and that they "just don't notice race," unless they want to offend a lot of their employees.
* The one thing your organization must avoid at all costs unless it wants its diversity efforts to fail spectacularly.

This free call is chock-full of specific information that will show you exactly why your organization hasn't become the leader in diversity it wants to be. Then, Carmen will give you the resources to change that around so that you can help your organization gain a crucial competitive edge by recruiting and retaining top diverse talent.

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Carmen Van Kerckhove, president of the diversity education firm New Demographic, is a sought-after commentator on race. She has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and has visited as a guest lecturer at Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia, among many other colleges and universities across the country.

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