Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey, Republicans--Denial is not just a river in Egypt and personal responsibility is not just for poor, single mothers!

One would think after a disastrous eight-year turn at leading the country and an ugly whomping in the November elections, the party of "no victims" would be looking inward--weighing mistakes, rethinking messages and fixing outlooks. Y'know, preparing to pull itself up by the bootstraps for mid-term elections in 2010. Sadly (for them, but good for the blog snark), the leading lights of the Republican party are on my TV 24/7 bitching and moaning about how life (or rather, the liberal media elite) done them wrong...and how no one understaaaaands. I have never seen such martyrdom and lack of introspection.

Ann Coulter on "The View"

Y'know, Sherri, I'm okay with Ann not being "part of the solution." No one wants to see an Ann Coulter School for Girls. (Deep shudder.)

If the mainstream media is so darned liberal, why do they continue to let Ann Coulter peddle her irrational, extremist schtick? I can't think of any radical counterpart on the left that is able to spout distorted facts, one-sided analysis and inflammatory pronouncements on some of the nation's largest media outlets.

Sarah Palin in the upcoming conservative fairyt...documentary, "Media Malpractice"

This one is harder, because the Alaskan governor mixes truth with lies and lunacy. Yes, speculation about her baby and family was rude and foolish (But other candidates faced similar ridiculous scrutiny.). Yes, mainstream media loves scandal more than substance. Yes, Sarah Palin (like every other woman who runs for public office) faced sexism. But the reason the McCain ticket lost had more to do with a poorly-run campaign; a lead candidate whose words and actions were transparently not genuine; an increasingly hateful and dishonest message; disaffection with conservative ideology; a vice presidential candidate that displayed many of the same traits as the current unpopular occupant of the White House, including frightening incuriousness (You can't name one newspaper--ONE?); and--MOST of all--an excellent Democratic opponent who outdid them at every turn.

The biggest lesson that Sarah Palin confirmed about "isms" (class, gender, etc.) in our society is this: Mediocrity is for the truly privileged, especially when you are running for America's highest offices. What black person reading this didn't have parents who taught: "You are going to have to work harder and perform better than everyone else to succeed?" If you are, say, a woman or "of color" or gay, and you want to be President of the United States, Secretary of State...hell...Commerce'd better be BRILLIANT. Hillary, Condi, Bobby (Jindal--Rhodes Scholar) or Barack brilliant--super educated, super smart, super articulate, super likeable. A white, heterosexual male born into wealth and privilege can be an intellectual lightweight, cocky to the point of dickishness, poorly spoken, reliant on dubious charm and barely competent, and be elected president....twice. A woman from Wasila, Alaska, with working-class roots? Not so much.

Speaking of "intellectual lightweight, cocky to the point of dickishness, poorly spoken, reliant of dubious charm and barely competent"...

George W.'s final press conference

Sigh...there are no words. This one speaks for iteself.

In conclusion, is the party of personal responsibility taking one iota of responsibility for its failures, unpopularity or the sorry state our country is in?

Computer says "No!" (After watching the BBC version, I have a new appreciation for "Little Britain." HBO version still sucks, though.)


RainaHavock said...

Very deep shudder at Ann school for girls! Also she wants to say something now. Where was she this presidential campaign.

Anonymous said...

I never got the impression that Republicans were all that curious or introspective to begin with.

However, I thought Ann Coulter was trying to make a valid point: single motherhood is not a good idea. We all have to pay the bills for this. And why is it that single fathers aren't made to foot the bill for their sexual excess in the first place? DNA testing, mandiatory confiscation of salary.

Why do girls have children when they are 14? You got me. Heck, I don't know why girls waste time with these loser boys to begin with. I have never been a fan of Ann Coulter, she is just too odd for words. I believe Whoopi had her pegged "That's your act," and it is a kind of theatrical political act that brings in big bucks and lots of media exposure. Reasonable intelligent women don't get the aire time-- Tami on CNN or The View, wouldn't that be great.

But the message is the same, no matter how odd the messager, single mothers create a huge social / economic problem. Girls are wasting valuable time when school should be number one. Preditory older men are out there after these younger girls. Radio shows teach men how to "nail" as many young women as possible.

Ann Coulter is simply the canary in the mine shaft yelling yet again about out of control teenage mothers and the burden all of this places on society.

Lady C said...

Tami, your post: Now that's what I'm talking about. I couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous--Ann Coulter isn't the messenger of hope. The problem with young teenage girls having babies is a sympton of a much larger problem.

"DNA testing, mandatory confiscation of salary" are0 happening all over this country. There is also jail time for not paying child support.

Anyone can spout off stats, but it takes more than numbers to get to the root of what is actually going on with young people in this country. Maybe Ann will give us the answer in her next book.


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