Thursday, January 22, 2009

Newly downloaded: "Riot Van" by the Arctic Monkeys

I discovered the Arctic Monkeys' song "Riot Van" on Pandora's (Free Internet radio!) channel for The Shins. I admit to being a little obsessed with it. I downloaded the song from iTunes and have been playing it over and over again. As a writer, I am drawn to good lyrics, and these lyrics are like cheeky poetry:

"Have you been drinking son, you don't look old enough to me"
"I'm sorry officer is there a certain age you're supposed to be?.. nobody told me"

Up rolled the riot van
And these lads just wind the coppers up
Ask why they don't catch proper crooks
Get their address and their name's took
But they couldn't care less

You wouldn't think a song about harassing police officers for a laugh and then catching a beat down would work, sung over plaintive and soulful music. But somehow it does.

I have decided that a song like this could only work performed by a band of English lads from the suburbs of Sheffield. An American band couldn't pull off the innocent roguishness. Besides, American tales that begin with young men running from police late at night in the city often end permanently and mostly tragically.


jamaise said...

Wow - you like The Shins. I love you :)) I know Arctic Monkeys but haven't gotten that into them - I'll have to take another listen.
Cool song.
Even though you only have to be 18 to buy it across the pond.

Rebecca said...

I love the Arctic Monkeys. I'm from about ten miles north of Sheffield so to hear someone singing in my accent is really fun :) I saw them way back in 05 when they were still playing venues the size of living rooms. My favourite by them is 'A Certain Romance' - it says everything about where I'm from and the type of lads I grew up with.

Lloyd Webber said...

The Arctic Monkeys are quite good. Pretty much every song from their first album "Whatever People Say I am, That's what I'm not" is a keeper. They're my secret guilty pleasure.


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