Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Tami Said is on the air "on the air" right when you're talking about cyber-radio?

Anyway, as I promised a week ago in the right-hand sidebar, I have taken the plunge into podcasting. I've been wanting another medium and a way to introduce more people to my blog. I also wanted to offer all of you loyal readers some "extras," such as a way for us to really talk about hot button issues.

I'm starting slowly. I plan to host a short show at 4 p.m., every other Sunday. The first episode of "The Best of What Tami Said" took place today. I recorded it on the low, just to get the feel of it. I hope for the next episode on Jan. 18, some of you will call in and speak with me live at (646) 716-4672 or join me in the Blog Talk Radio chat room.

(Deep breath) Okay, so below is a link to the first episode. I hope you will share your thoughts. (Just be gentle) I want to make "The Best of What Tami Said" engaging for all of you.



Natasha said...

I really like it, Tami. I'll try to call in next time.

PureGracefulTree said...

You have a lovely voice, Tami! I liked your "Nappy Love" essay when I read it, but it's even more compelling to hear it. Looking forward to more!

Mes Deux Cents said...


As a former radio professional I must say you have a voice made for radio. Great job!

Claudia said...

Congrats, Tami! I have to agree with PGT, your voice sounds so soothing and nice to listen to. You did an excellent job. And I appreciate the link to - I wasn't aware of that site!


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