Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Win-a-book Wednesday: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Johanna Yarrow

First things first, the winner of last week's book "Becoming American: The African-American Journey" is Virginia. Congratulations! E-mail your address to and I will send your book via USPS Media Mail. Didn't win this time? Check the right-hand column of the blog for a link to purchase this book and other media (books, music, etc.) mentioned on What Tami Said. Your purchases help support this blog.

This week's copy is a new copy of "How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" (Duncan Baird) by Johanna Yarrow.

From Amazon:
How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint is the world citizen's guide to pushing back the advance of global warming. This colorful handbook offers 500 practical, easily achievable ideas that conserve energy, prevent pollution, and save money. Did you know that unplugging appliances and cell phone chargers when not in use can reduce electricity bills by 10 percent? Or that recycling just one glass bottle saves enough power to run a computer for 30 minutes? Whether the subject is jet travel, dishwashing, or any of the 50 topics in the book, surprising statistics and innovative graphics will inspire action and demonstrate that simple habits can lead to big results.
Enter to win this book by participating in this open thread by Monday, Feb. 23. All names attached to this thread will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will be announced next Wednesday. The winner of the book is invited to post a review on What Tami Said. Good luck!


Tisa said...

Count me in - would love to read this book! ~ :) Thanks!

sounders68 [at]

AJ Plaid said...

Can I join the drawing, too?

I'm not sure how you want the thread to run, but I've been thinking about this issue, esp. in terms of dealing with socio-economic class, affordability, and environmental practices (like reducing one's carbon footprint), ever since a posting a comment about it at Racialicious about it. One commenter said folks on limited budgets shouldn't have to worry about their carbon footprints then wanted to go on and on--and on and on and on--about the virtues of riding a bike and the NY transit system as a solution for transportation. The author of the original post, however, said what I brought up gave her something to think about.

I just feel like--the fabulous Van Jones and advocates like him notwithstanding--we don't give those of us with limited budgets enough credit in wanting to help out with saving the earth, as if we're too uninformed or uncaring to "get" the issue. At the same time, saving the earth has become the providence--and privilege--of the middle- and upper-classes, as seen by the pricing of organic food stores and the advertising and editorial content in some natural/alternative-health publications. It would seem to me that we'd want to get everyone involved in this....

I'd be interested in seeing how Yarrow tackles this issue.

Stacie said...

Please enter me too.

Jennifer said...

I would DEFINITELY love to read this book--I've been feeling a bit guilty about the two conferences I'm attending this summer, which are necessary for professional development, but I fear that every time I fly I'm just really contributing bad things and I'd like to figure out ways I can offset the times when I do find myself on a plane (or in a car).

Great choice Tami!

msladydeborah said...

I need to read this book.

It sounds like the contents will benefit me personally. Also the children and the families that I have contact with on a daily basis.


slag said...

Always excited at the prospect of reducing my carbon footprint!

Rebecca said...

Sounds great - I'm in!


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