Thursday, March 26, 2009

First the impending Dictionary of American Regional English, now still my geeky heart

Are you hip to the Diversity Rocks! 2009 Challenge? It aims to "ensure racial and ethnic diversity in the authors that we read." Organizer Ali explains:
What if we only read authors who were just like us? How boring would that be?

But when I take a good hard look at the books I've read in 2008, most of them happen to be written by white middle class people. Thirty-six out of forty-two, in fact, according to my LibraryThing library.

Not that I turn away from books written by non-white authors--but let's face it, there aren't as many (hence the term "minorities"), and they don't jump off the shelves into my arms. In some bookstores they're hidden in their own special section. If I'm going to stretch myself--and I mean, beyond Toni Morrison and Amy Tan--I'll have to make a special effort.

So, I'm setting a challenge for myself for 2009, and I invite you to join me.

...all I'm asking you to do is commit to reading one book. Or, simply add links on my Challenge website to books you review that fit the criteria, to help me and others find them. Or tweak your reading lists, to incorporate one author of color in your other reading challenges.

Want to know more? Click on over and subscribe to Diverse Books! Even if you don't sign up for the challenge, I'll be posting diverse reading lists for every genre I can think of--there will be links to book recommendations and reviews--I'm even learning how to use Mr. Linky!
Ali is particularly looking for recommendations of black, Asian, Arab, Native American, Hispanic authors that don't get the pub that, say, Toni Morrison or Isabel Allende do. Lists include childrens and adult books.
The March reading list at Diversity Rocks! looks good. I'm off to see if The Book of Night Women by Marlon James is available for the Kindle. BTW, I stumbled upon James' blog. It's great and so is this post: "The Bigots on my Bookshelf"


Jodith said...

I admit, I don't even think about diversity when I read a book. But thinking about it now, I know there are only a handful of non-white authors on my book shelf. Thanks for the challenge to start working on this. As much as I read, it should be easy to fit in one book a month from more diverse writers.

motherissues said...

Thanks for the blog link! I just got The Book of Night Women from the library and am really looking forward to reading it! Now I can add the blog to my reading list too.

Ali said...

Thanks for featuring the Diversity Rocks challenge! I'm hoping that participants will not only broaden our own reading piles, but have a subtle impact on the books that other folks read and review, by increasing the exposure of these many authors on the blogs.

It's been such a great experience for me so far. I've learned about so many books by a variety of different authors, in different genres, and I've met some really great bloggers in the process. More readers are always welcome!

Ali (Diversity Rocks challenge)

Color Online said...

Thrilled to see the Diversity Rock Challenge here.

Ali and I are currently working on another project as well . Color Online, has lots of lists now, reviews of women writers of colors, we have woc writers' profiles and our Potpourri quiz is a fun way to learn about writers and other woc who aren't normally spotlighted.

Stop by and check out our Around
The Globe Challenge
where we've listed several woc writers to choose from so you can submit your review to Diversity's challenge and us as well. WOC writers deserve as much exposure as possible and you might be interested in the interview with Zetta Elliott, an emerging writer who opted to self-publish rather than wait for a major house to pick up her book.


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