Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Have the last 64 days been a relatively colorblind time?"

What, Ann Compton? This reminds me of all those times that I have met someone who wants to appear all egalitarian and unbiased and unfazed by my black self, but then reaches to find random "black" topics to discuss with me, clearly illustrating that my race is top of mind. (My favorite such conversation, at a work dinner eons ago: "Hey, have you seen that new show '24?' Yeah, they have a black president on there. I thought that was really interesting...that they have a black president." Okay...)

Ann Compton's question seemed the equivalent to one of those eye-rolling conversations. (You can tell the Prez thinks so, too. Just look at his face as she's asking it.) When every citizen is talking about the economy, wondering if they can keep their homes, wondering if they will keep their jobs, wondering if they can send the kids to college, wondering if they can retire, Compton stands before POTUS and all the world and basically says, "You're black...and the president. Yeah, I think that's really interesting."

Worse than the subject matter of the question is the fact that it was vague and unanswerable. How can President Obama know how other world leaders perceive him? And, is it me, or was there an assumption in Compton's question that other world leaders are not "of color."

Ann Compton, Chuck Todd, Ed Henry--the ineptitude of the corp at last night's presser was maddening and Obama's deft and intelligent handling of the event made participating journalists look even more deficient in comparison. Sweet fancy Moses! Having a smartypants president sure highlights the failures of the modern Fourth Estate.


Lady C said...

Ann Compton was totally silly last night. With all the problems this country is facing at this very moment, she could only ask the POTUS if she could talk about race.

Obama is not as poker-faced as people think he is. I could see that he was about to snap on that witch. Same with Ed Henry. Chuck Todd wasn't listening, so Obama had to repeat himself.

I found that during the primary a lot of the media kept saying Obama wasn't saying anything, but the fact is--They weren't listening. Obama has been saying the same thing from day one, but the press still isn't listening.

jazine said...

He answered such a silly question eloquently and truthfully. She should have been embarrassed by her own question.

Tami, you make an excellent point in Compton's assumptions about world leaders being in the default position of whiteness. SMH.

Olivia said...

That was such a stupid question given the reason Obama was holding the press conference to begin with.

As for Ed Henry, CNN kept talking about how "testy" the prez was when he answered Henry. All I could think was, "Ask a stupid question, expect a 'testy' answer."

Anonymous said...

And we expect these news conferences to be filled with thrilling interesting questions!

Yikes, give me Tami commentary any day!!

That news conference was so boring, it made me run for my own economic charts and graphs... The weird thing about "the presidency" is that it seems to make all the men in it dull... and all the questions from reporters stupid too.



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