Sunday, March 8, 2009

Podcast archived: Secrets of "the big blogs"

I had a great time talking blogging with Latoya from Racialicious, Jill from Writes Like She Talks and Samhita from Feministing, on today's special episode of The Best of What Tami Said.

Listen via the player in the right-hand column or visit the show page to listen to this and previous episodes.


echidne said...

Interesting. But note the first-mover's advantage. It was much easier to gain a readership and then to build a community some years ago. The market (so to call it) is much more crowded today. Growing now is perhaps harder. Not impossible, but harder.

Or so I think. I didn't grow very much. :) But then that wasn't what I wanted as much as some other things from my blogging.

ywcasap said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The information for new bloggers was particularly helpful, and I after hearing about the panelists' rigorous daily schedules,I have a clearer understanding that building a blog takes a great deal of time and energy.
Thanks for a great show, Robin

Lady C said...

I enjoyed the podcast.

Where can I go to find bloggers my age? I'm 59 years old.


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