Friday, March 6, 2009

UPDATE: Learn the secrets of the big blogs (Feministing panelist added)

Update: We are happy to have Samhita Mukhopadhyay, editor, Feministing, joining us for Sunday's podcast. Thanks again to Latoya, Jill and Samhita for agreeing to share their knowledge with us.


In last week's episode of "The Best of What Tami Said," during the discussion about WOC bloggers in the femisphere, some of us wondered how to make the contacts, drive the traffic, develop the community, build the stature and reap the offline goodies most associated with owners of "the big, feminist blogs." At 4 p.m. EST, this Sunday, March 8, on a special edition of my biweekly podcast, we'll discover how.

I'll be joined by Latoya Peterson, editor of New Demographic's Racialicious blog, and Jill Miller Zimon of Writes Like She Talks, Political Voices of Women and Blogher. They have graciously agreed to share their knowledge gained as editors, bloggers and contributors to some of the Web's high-profile blogs.

Listen live and join the chat room here.

Call in with your questions or advice at (646) 716-4672.

I'd like to share some questions with Latoya and Jill pre-podcast. Let me know what you'd like to know in this thread. And please share details of this podcast with other bloggers you know. This is a chance to share knowledge and have your burning blogging questions answered.


weemsrj said...

I will be changing planes and travelling back home right about the time of the podcast. (Damn. Damn. Damn" says Florida on Good Times.) I sure hope this podcast is archived so I can catch it later Sunday night and learn a thing a two.

Tami said...


Sorry that you won't be able to make it, but the podcast will be archived. The player on the right side of the blog, under my profile, always plays the most recent podcast.

ActsofFaithBlog said...

Thanks for this podcast it was very informative!! It's a small world after all!


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