Friday, April 3, 2009

I have always loved this song: "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes

...but I just discovered the video. makes me teary.


Anonymous said...

This was the cutest of the cute Tami! And it really looked like real couples in the video. Even the lesbian couples looked like REAL ones!! And... there was ever a dog!! The best little post yet!!!


P.S. No cat would ever sit still for such a thing :-)

Anonymous said...

p.S. I have always loved this little blog. It charmed me the moment I arrived. Couldn't put my finger exactly on what was so loveable about it, and then, with this song, I realized the truth of it all.

Tami, you are the last of the great womanist romantics. In a world of feminism where things get mean, there is this poetic musical side of you that is SO needed.

This short little video is still the cuteness that got me through a tough week.


-Satsuma -- living proof that you can be a radical lesbian feminist AND a romantic at the same time :-)

Tami said...


This video kind of made my week, too. It makes you all warm and fuzzy despite yourself.

"The last of the great womanist romantics"...I like that. Y'know I was going to demure and be all "you're too kind," but women always do that don't we? I'm just going to say...thank you for your kind words about me and my blog.

P.S. Damn right, a cat would never sit still for such a thing. That's why I love my kitties. (And my doggy, too.)

Anonymous said...

Actually, all kindness however expressed has value Tami.
What would we do in times like these without our doggies and kitties, now I ask you! :-)


P.S. I'm having nothing but trouble trying to register this damn name on websites. Just won't do it, so I pick some other Japanese word, and yeoww it's hit and miss. Then I lost my old name and had to improvise somehow. Whaaa.

And then all internet names seem dumb anyway. Perhaps people wrote letters back and forth across the ocean in the 18trh century, even to strangers... Don't mean to be a tech whiner, sorry... guess I am being one :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. That was Satsuma oye such a day

Suz said...

What a wonderful link and break from text-- as much as I thoroughly appreciate your writing! Music and pictures are just so amazingly rich, thanks for sharing this gem. And, yes, wonderfully romantic. Your blog is a real treasure.

I like seeing the (very real) couples dynamics; and wondering who and where all these folks are, and how that baby must be responding inside mama's belly.



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