Friday, April 17, 2009

Old School Friday--Blogger's Choice

Today's Old School Friday meme is blogger's choice. Oh, the pressure! As usual, I'd like to choose a few tracks that are different from what other folks are posting. Here are a few favorites from the 80s:

I think "Everyday I Write the Book" by Elvis Costello may have come out in 1982, when I was in middle school. I had the 45. You know this song is totally 80s by the "Lady Di" lookalike in the video.

What happened to singers like Anita Baker and songs like "Sweet Love" (1986). Someone over on YouTube said, "Anita Baker sings to your soul." Indeed.

Teenage angst is nothing without the Smiths and "How Soon is Now" is
my favorite Smiths song.

In high school, my preferred record shop was this little hole in the wall place in Woodmar Shopping Center in Hammond, IN. It had a righteous import section. In 1984, I bought Alphaville's album "Forever Young," featuring "Big in Japan," there. At the time, I was too young (or ignorant) to spot the raging Orientalism/racism in this video.

Why would a bald guy wear big, swooshy Flock of Seagulls bangs? Because it was the 80s, that's why! Despite the bizarre sartorial choices in the video for "Don't Go" by Yazoo (1982--Wow! Older than I thought! I was in middle school when this came out.), Alison Moyett is the bomb. Great voice. The other half of Yazoo is Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode).


soulafrodisiac said...

You and I were most definitely on the same wavelength today. :)

Great choices! I completely forgot about that Elvis Costello track.

Thembi said...

Thank you for giving me the right to say "HOW DARE YOU" on that Yaz...especially since I prefer "Situation" lol. Too bad their name is now branded by some birth control company, they could feasibly make a comeback ;)

Marvalus said...

Very nice choices, Ms. Tami...

Happy OSF!

ActsofFaithBlog said...

Loved all of your choices! That's one of my favorite Costello songs.

AJ Plaid said...

Tami, are you, like, pyschically connected to my iPod?


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